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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Should gang truce organizer blog?

When someone signing themself as 'Tayir Pugh', one of the organizers of the recent 'gang truce', commented on the Plainfield Today post on the East 6th Street Posse/Liberty Street Gang shootings recently (see here, and here), an intriguing suggestion emerged: that Tayir consider starting a blog.

With 27 comments logged in on the two posts and indicating considerable interest, an anonymous reader on Saturday said --

Tayir Pugh one the things you could do to help all of us in Plainfield is to start your own blog. Tell us how you see things in Plainfield and in the world from your point of view. In order to solve Plainfield's problems we need everyone's input, criticism and feedback.
-- which strikes me as a worthwhile proposition.

Why not learn about Plainfield from how yet another person sees things?

What would be wrong with widening the conversation about what could be done to make Plainfield a better place for everyone?

Tayir, if you're reading this, please chime in and let us know your thoughts about joining the Plainfield blogsters.

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Anonymous said...

A gangsta should tell us what he thinks to make Plainfield a better place to live? I swear, I am living the TWILIGHT ZONE.

Anonymous said...

Good Day,
I must say I was one of the attendies ar the recent discussion to help curtail the criminal activities of two civic groups .
May I say it was quite fruitful
after several intense moments an accord was reached.
I ordered the rootie tootie fresh and fruity platter with beef bacon.