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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Final election push unusually sleazy, even by Green standards

Plainfielders are generally inured to mudslinging by Assemblyman Jerry Green in the final weekend of the primary campaign season.

This year may be an exception, however, as the Democratic City Committee chairperson decided to go after Cory Storch's daughter for having been a summer intern at the PMUA. (Green fails to mention that it was an intern's job, or that Storch was not in public office when his daughter became one of many students taken on for summer youth employment.)

Green's handpicked candidate, Tony Rucker, takes the road of 'plausible deniability' in his blog post today, saying 'it didn't come from my campaign'. (This is similar to the question of the Park Hotel residents urging votes for Rucker four years ago.)

Cory Storch answers Green and Rucker point by point, noting there is time for Rucker and Greaves to repudiate Green's attacks
(see here).

Candidate Dee Dameron also addresses the Green mailer as one of desperation, detailing all she had done for Green and other Dem candidates in the past, only to be treated like this
(see here).

Coucilor Rebecca Williams notes both Storch and Dameron have been models of poise amid all the savagery
(see here).

Candidate Rucker tries to distance himself from the Green mailer
(see here).

Nat Singleton's post has been taken down at the request of Councilor Storch (see here)

Meanwhile, the New Dems were chasing down rumors on Saturday that delivery of their mailings was being held up purposely at the Netherwood postal station, which serves  both the First and Second Wards.

For some, Wednesday can't come soon enough.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

We all know Jerry is low life and sleazy. However, Dan, nothing was more despicable than your comparing Rucker to Hitler. You hit an all time low in Plainfield regarding sleazy, by anybody's standards. Shame on you! You owe the citizens of Plainfield an apology.

Anonymous said...


Rebecca Williams said...


What is unusual about Jerry Green's sleazy standards--that they're sleazier than ever? Dee and Cory have remained focused on the issues--Jerry is being his usual self.


Dwayne said...

Yes, Dee and Cory have remained focused on the issues, but dan damon calls Tony a thief and a nazi. And you say Green is sleazy....?


Anonymous said...

I'm with 3:17!

BTW - I got a call last night at 8:35pm (Sunday) from Green. Doesn't he know not to call on a Sunday at that time? Well he should know!

Anonymous said...

Dan, you are the master of sleaze yourself and outdo anything Green could think of.

I posted a similar comment earlier and you didn't post it. Bet you won't post this either.