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Friday, June 3, 2011

Is Burney author of Eke attack on Storch?

Properties sheet for PDF document details 'author', original title of document
and original date of composition.
In an attachment to an email evidently sent to members of Plainfield's Hillside Area Neighborhood Watch on Thursday, resident and Tony Rucker supporter Charles Eke outlined his 'concerns' about candidate Cory Storch and urged recipients to vote for Rucker.

I think Eke's 'concerns' are spurious and part of the usual campaign hyperbole (in which some even say I have engaged!) to be expected in the closing days.

Also intriguing is the peek I took at the information about the PDF document. The image at the top of the page indicates that the letter was composed on May 24, more than a week ago, evidently being held aside for what was considered a 'proper' moment.

It shows the document was composed in Microsoft Word with the original title of 'Charles Eke's personal letter'.

The author is simply listed as: 'Rashid'.

Could that be former Councilor Rashid Burney? Or some other Rashid?

No big deal; this is America, where free speech is a right, and political letters are often written in the name of a sender who is not the true author.

That being said, a number of recipients of the email apparently feel that the community group's email list should not have been used for a partisan political purpose, a sentiment with which I happen to agree.


-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Rebecca Williams said...


I had this email forwarded to me by several angry residents--not only were they upset about the use of their nonpolitical mailing list for this purpose (the same was done on Rashid's behalf against me by one of his supporters last year, by the way), but they are also angry that their privacy, in terms of their email addresses has been compromised--now available for spammers and for every other use possible. Charles Eke's behavior in front of the council when he was not approved as a PMUA commission nominee demonstrated that he would not be a useful addition to that body. The long harangue that Eke subjected Plainfielders to that night as he made ad hominem attacks on me and my fellow councilors was clearly written by someone else, but by whom? I would add that a Charles Eke endorsement of Jerry Green's team is to be expected. As far as other possible authors, though, I guess sour grapes will never grow sweeter.