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Friday, June 10, 2011

Incidents shake up Primary Election Day

Beemer flipped onto parked car in front of Richmond Towers.

Two incidents shook up Plainfield's Primary Election Day on Tuesday.

Thankfully, neither of them appeared to be attempts to influence the outcome of the election.

Shortly after talking with some of the poll workers at Richmond Towers (where I have been a voluntary, unpaid challenger at most of the primary and general elections for the past ten years) around 8:00 AM, I got a call that there had been an accident directly in front of 510, the tower closer to the Richmond Street traffic light.

The driver of a BMW traveling east on Front Street apparently lost control of the vehicle, ran up on the curb and rode up the guy wire attached to a telephone pole, then flipped over onto a white car parked next to it.

Poll workers later told me the driver got out, apparently dazed but unscathed, fished around in the vehicle for a backpack and fled the scene on foot.

The second event was a 'Code Red' incident at Evergreen School. 'Code Red' means a shooter is in the building.

The building was put into lockdown, with poll workers and voters being kept inside the gymnasium and those coming to vote kept outside. Voters present at the time tell me the situation was resolved within about five minutes, much to everyone's relief.

The real excitement of the day had to wait for 8:00 PM.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? A shooter in an elementary school?

We need to get the low lifes out of this town. People need to start looking around them and calling the police for anything suspicious.

Plainfield needs to have the reputation that if you are a lowlife thug - you need to get out or you will be dealt with.

Dan said...

@ 8:03 AM -- Turns out it was a DRILL. Now, that would mean the school district (either the central admin or the principal).

Why would there be a drill on Election Day? Good question.

Meanwhile, it appears those in charge of the voting booths did not report the incident to the County election authorities, who were unaware of it when it was brought to their attention Friday.