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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Put the phone down!

I'm not hearing voices, but I do get instructions from my inspection sticker.
Getting in my car in front of Plainfield's Quick Stop convenience store, my eye was caught by the way the sun struck the windshield's registration sticker which replaced an earlier one after a recent inspection.

A bold headline practically commanded 'PUT THE PHONE DOWN'.

And above it a schematic supposed to resemble a cellphone, I guess.

New Jersey, the nanny state?


-- Dan Damon 
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Anonymous said...

You JUST realized NJ is the Nanny State? As a matter of fact, it's the not just NJ and I would say we are closer to Marxism. The First Lady tells us what to eat, the NLRB is telling Boeing where it can operate and President is forcing us to purchase health insurance policies. Cell phones while driving is the least of our problems.

Anonymous said...

I hope your last remark was an attempt to sarcasm. Many times I have driven next to people who have no regard for what could happen, not only to them, but to those who drive along on the road. Many times I have seen people on their phones, while driving, and on top of that, driving on the left lane of the highway as if they own the road. Putting everyone around them in danger. At least, the state is reminding everyone to put their phone down while people are driving.

Anonymous said...

If I put the phone down while driving I can't read your blog gosh

Blackdog said...

Isn't that what all Progressive Democrats want?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, we need the state to tell us this, (and enforce it) because so many are too stupid to realize this on their own - I see it daily. I doubt that any commenter would complain about a nanny state after someone they love is killed by an inattentive, texting-while-driving moron. Libetarianism would be great if everyone was as smart, considerate and ethical as I am.

Anonymous said...

Fine, you don't want to buy health insurance, but you then expect to get charity care when you need to go to the hospital. No health insurance-need an operation- get an operation and then because you are employed but have no health insurance you are not eligible for charity care. Then you don't pay your bill. Yeah, those of us who work in health care don't need to be paid.

Anonymous said...

Oh and Nancy Reagan told us to say "No" but since she was Repub. I guess that was OK.

Randy Schaeffer said...

If existing law was enforced and fines levied, think of the bounty that would be bestowed on municipalities and how much safer we'd all be. I say go for it.

Anonymous said...

well how are we supposed to follow these rules if whenever you see a cop driving he is 99.99% on a freking cell phone!!!!!