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Monday, June 13, 2011

Jerry has a golden opportunity tonight. What will he make of it?

President Obama will need every bit of support possible next year.
Will Jerry do everything he can to guarantee it?
Plainfield's Democratic City Committee will reorganize tonight for the next two years.

Assemblyman Jerry Green will control a majority of seats on the 68-member committee, and it may be expected he will be re-elected chairperson.

The question arises in what manner he will conduct the meeting.

Will he be generous in victory and allow committee members -- of whatever persuasion -- to speak freely and to offer nominations from the floor for the various officers to be elected, from chairman on down?

Bearing in mind that a successful re-election campaign for President Barack Obama in New Jersey next year will necessitate the enthusiastic mobilizing of all possible forces, will Jerry graciously accede to some representation of New Democrats among the local organization's officers and committee chairmanships by way of uniting local Democrats?

Doing so would go a long way to uniting the local party for the overarching task of the next year and a half.

Doing so would acknowledge the pivotal role played by the New Democrats as the earliest organized supporters of Barack Obama in Plainfield in the 2008 primary.

Doing so would credit the organization publicly thanked by Rep. Frank Pallone for having made the difference in last year's 6th Congressional District race, delivering key pluralities important in his victory.

It will not be easy, considering the manner in which Assemblyman Green conducted the recent Primary election. There is much bitterness to be overcome.

But it can be done, and it should be done.

So, the question facing Jerry tonight is whether he will be, like Barack Obama, a great uniter and energizer of the Democratic Party, or whether he will play Scipio Africanus, though without anything like the Roman general's prospect of success.

Guests are always welcome at Democratic City Committee meetings, but do not participate in discussions or voting.

Plainfield Democratic City Committee
Reorganization Meeting

Monday, June 13
7:00 PM

HeardOne Complex
210 Church Street
(across from Union County College)

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Your post as usual blames Jerry and attacks him for a nasty campaign. You leave out that you, as a member of the New Democrat called Tony a thief, a liar, a Nazi and much more.

How are you not part of a nasty campaign?

At least everything Jerry said was true. That cannot be said about the New Democrats.

Anonymous said...

So what you are saying is the New Democrats will not support Obama in 2011.

Can you please say that loudly 20 times all over Plainfield?

Anonymous said...

Dan, Do you really think a leopard can change his spots?

Rob said...

Jerry will do what Jerry does best...step on and squash any attempt that removes his "Great and Powerful Oz" persona he has of himself.
Since he has zero effectiveness on a state level we suffer locally from his grandiose vision of who he is.

Anonymous said...

My eyes! My eyes! I don't know who worries me more ... Green or Obama. Either way, both of them are useless.

Anonymous said...

To 7:41 AM - to be clear, Ms. Dameron does not live with mommy. She lives with her mother and cares for her since she is ill. So everything that Jerry said is NOT true.

Jerry also called the New Dems - Republicans. That is also NOT true.

Are you getting the picture about what Jerry says?