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Monday, May 9, 2011

Will baseball be a topic at Council tonight? Again?

QCBL youngsters previously appeared at Council seeking fair play by Recreation Division.
Will youth baseball be an unscripted item on tonight's Plainfield City Council agenda?

Despite assertions by resident Roland Muhammad at recent Council meetings that he had brokered an arrangement between the Queen City Baseball League (QCBL) and the Recreation Division's teams for the use of the Rock Avenue ballfields, it seems that the Recreation Division, under its Supervisor Dave Wynn, has slipped back into its old ways.

In an OpEd piece published on the Plainfield Sports News website this past Friday (see here), coach Anthony Davis reports the Corporation Counsel Dan Williamson personally witnessed the latest rounds of harassment.

According to Davis, QCBLwas slotted for both fields at Rock Avenue on Thursday evening, but the game on the second field was delayed for 45 minutes because the bases were locked away by Recreation and inaccessible to the QCBL players.

Additionally, the concession stand -- which not only satisfies the cravings of attendees, but helps raise funds for the program -- was SHUT TIGHT for the whole evening. Davis reports the concession stand was also kept unavailable for over an hour on May 1st.

All of this comes on top of word that Director Wynn stiffed the QCBL leadership on at least three meetings set to plan for this season's sharing of the fields and resources. Does the Recreation Division's renewed intransigence represent a poke in the eye to the Council after the attempt to put the Division on a leash failed?

The kids have trouble understanding all these shenanigans between alleged adults. They just want to play ball.

Will the QCBL appeal to the Council tonight to intervene? Yet again?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

Wynn, the mayor and her lackies on the Council have to go. Does the word "RECALL" mean anything to her nibs. Our kids deserve better than this joke Wynn and I don't want my taxes paying him or those like him. Who want's to sign my petition.

Anonymous said...

The mayor always proclaims her support for the children. But it is only the recreation children who play baseball she supports. She continues to allow david wynn to harass and torment the QCBL without shame. If she is so much in control of the day to day operations why has she not put an end to this nonsense. QCBL not only has to manage their operations which can be more than enough on organizers' plate but they must fight the recreation department every step of the way when they (recreation) are suppose to be there to help facilitate recreational opportunities whether it's their own programs or private non profits. How in the world does the mayor allow volunteers to be dogged like this when they (the non profits) are part of the solution of having positive activities for our children. She wants to fight crime? Let her begin in the recreation department and david wynn as the head gang banger.

Anonymous said...

Let's see if Councilors Reid, Rivers and Greaves continue to support dave wynn. Greaves better do her history homework before she continues to support him. Reid and Rivers already know him and still support him. Really says something about their character doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

Start the petition Bob and you'll probably get the needed signatures in less than an hour. As we will not sit by another year and stand for this. So tired of the garbage going on in this city. We need some real leadership.

Rob said...

Wow...This is the person AGAIN who the Mayor holds so tightly and protects yet goes out of his way to make her like even more of a clown that she already does.
Dave Wynn is beyond pathetic that he feels it's appropriate to treat children this way...The Mayor supporting him and BACKING HIM 100% ( if you don't stand up against it, you're in favor of it )truly pushes her past the point of irrelevant as a leader. She can't control her own employee yet the citizens of Plainfield let her run a city...Sad..truly sad that history repeats itself again...
How about some more "free" things at the next council meeting for the kids affected AGAIN this year..

Anonymous said...

Let shed a little truth on the "lock out" of QCBL. I was at the council meeting and learned of a letter sent by the locksmith that the lock malfunctioned and that QCBL was in the facility the night before and was the last to lock it. Things that make you say ummm!

What was the city attorney doing investigating a "lock out". With all of the legal issues that the City has, why was this a priority? Things that make you say ummm!

AD quoted the late great Malcolm X, but wasn't AD one of the people at previous council meetings complaining about the city league being named to honor the Negro League? Things that make you say ummm! Oh wait I understand. "Say it loud, I am Black and I am proud" ONLY WHEN IT IS CONVENIENT FOR YOU.

Anonymous said...

I am tired of hearing about this baseball controversy. My son plays ball for QCBL and I gladly paid the excessive registration fee, purchased only their "approved helmet and bat", particpate in fundraising, listens to the "woe is us" dialogue and I volunteer my time. But I must admit priorities are not in place. They want us to give the pants back at the end of the season to redistribute next year (nasty) while they are giving away free jackets to volunteers. Next year it is either this city league or some other city. And yes, they can have the jacket back.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that Anonymous at 8:05 must be a city recreation supporter posing as a QCBL parent in a sad attempt to defame QCBL. My son has been involved in QCBL since its inception. He has NEVER been asked to return pants or purchase "approved" equipment. My husband and I gladly pay the fee each year to ensure that we don't have to deal with the nonsense associated with the city.

Anonymous said...

To 8:10 am comment. I am just a parent tired of the foolishness, folks need to focus on the kids, and put their personal agendas and their attempts to get 5 minutes of fame aside. What is next a sit in? Or maybe a march on Washington.