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Friday, May 6, 2011

Assemblyman Green wrestles straw man to ground

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In wrestling his straw man to the ground, Assemblyman and Plainfield Democratic boss Jerry Green is at least right about two things.

The first is that gang violence IS A CONCERN FOR THE WHOLE COMMUNITY (see his post of that title here), though you will search in vain for anything like a full examination of the subject.

My post on the Mayor's 'emergency community meeting' Tuesday evening (see here), to which Jerry refers, suggested that the Mayor could learn from the SEALs how to REALLY tackle a problem.

Councilors present (and not) were part of my description of those in attendance. Storch's reason for not being present was mentioned because one of the Mayor's shills questioned Storch's absence.

Like the severed frog's leg in the lab that can be made to kick with the application of a mild electric current, Jerry responds to the mention of Councilor Storch's name in a similarly automatic and mindless way.

Presumably the other Councilors who were absent had good reason -- one of which just might be the Mayor's short notice (Monday afternoon).

The second thing about which Assemblyman Green is right is that
Councilor Vera Greaves, his handpicked replacement for Linda Carter, was indeed present.

I deeply apologize for failing to mention she was there. She is such a quiet and insignificant presence it is easy to overlook her.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Dan said...

To All -- Post was accidentally deleted. This is a reconstruction, with previously posted comments pasted in. Sorry, Dan

Anonymous said...

Bob said --
It seems that Sharon has a lot of nerve asking about one missing Councilman who had a legitimate reason to be absent and not asking about the other jokers who weren't there. Shady Sharonda and Jerry need to realize that they are on their way out. The two of them have used and abused Plainfield soon enough. I hope people in Plainfield open their eyes, or we'll be like Newark and let our version of Sharpe James take us to the cleaners.

Anonymous said...

Rob said --
Bob...I'd rather we have Sharpe James over Jerry and the Leader of the Hot Mess Red Brigade, as even he had sense enough to know when to keep his mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

Well said Bob....

Anonymous said...

Mister Dan I read on the comments on the courier news about the ralley that the pubic safety director lives out of state any truth in that

Anonymous said...

Shame, Shame to attack that poor bewildered Councilwoman as insignificant. She has a vote, and Reid to prompt her. Because no one can hear her even with a mike doesn't mean that she doesn't count.

Anonymous said...

"Quiet" doesn't mean "insignificant" as you know full well. It's an insult and it was deliberate. Shame on you, Dan.

Anonymous said...

Dan that comment about Councilwoman Greaves was so rude and over done.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture of you, Dan. Glad you found it.