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Monday, May 2, 2011

Welcome the new blog in town: Politics of Plainfield

Welcome Plainfield's newest blog, Ken Schuman's Politics of Plainfield (see here).

Ken began his blog a few days before the Board of Ed election last week, and came to my attention through a comment he posted to my report on the preliminary tallies.

We have been in touch by email, and I explained that I would be more than delighted to add him to the daily CLIPS mix if he was committed to 'more or less regular' posting, which he has said he will undertake.

Ken is starting off by taking a close look at issues with the Board of Education and the school district, as he said in an email --

...I am just a plain retired liberal white male with newfound time on my hands and who has become angered by the politics in this city. I will be focusing on several areas of city government. I have started with the BOE that has the largest budget, most scandals, and is failing to do what it is supposed to do which is educate students...
which followed up on his take on the elections --
...[m]any I have spoken with share that the new [Board of Ed] agenda is contracts for lawyers, jobs and promotions for friend, and punishment for enemies.
In his most recent post, this past Friday, Ken reviews the positive impacts Dr. Gallon had in his short tenure, and asks what the hallmarks of successful school reform are.

Ken has an engaging writing style and goes over ground that other may not have covered. Please check out his blog (here) and post your comments and keep the discussion going.

As of today, you can find his blog in the sidebar on Plainfield Today and in the listings on CLIPS. Additionally, I will call out his most recent posts in the 'green paragraph' in the daily CLIPS.

Welcome, Ken!

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

I have a question about blogs. Shouldn't they be updated frequently, to qualify as blogs? I was happy when you added the education blog, Ke'Stans, but he has only updated it once (2 days ago)since it went live. Hardly worth the time. And Pivney's blog hasn't been updated since December 2010. Why continue to list them as active blogs?

Anonymous said...

After reading some of his posts I am suspicious of him. Have you met him? His writing sounds more like an attempt by Gallon or friends of his to "clear" his name in a sense. Picture are Gallon and trying to start anew but anyone who googles you gets a long list of all the harm you did in your previous job. So you create or have a friend create a blog where there is "another side to the story." That way (if googled) you seem more like a controversial leader (people like that) rather than the terrible leader he actually was. I think he will stick with Board of Education issues primarily with a sprinkling of other things to appear legit. Gallon always thought he was smarter than Plainfield folk! I know I'm a conspiracy theorist, but think about it and read through the posts very carefully.

Dan said...

@ 9:59 AM -- ke'stans has posted four times in a month, fine by me. (His archive is set up oddly, you have to keep clicking 'older posts' to see the history).

The reason I put the 'green paragraph' in CLIPS every day is to let folks know who has posted recently; no post, no mention. If you access the blogs through the Plainfield Today sidebar list, you're on your own.

Dan said...

@ 12:08 PM: Hmmmm....

I contacted Schuman and had an email exchange before listing him.

I'm happy to include him, tho I may not see everything the way he does.

I don't know of anyone who thinks Gallon didn't have a single good idea in his head. Besides, it would take a long time for someone to defeat the Google algorithm by posting nice things about SG.