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Saturday, May 7, 2011

PETA demonstration; Biker memorial; Bridge reopened

Young people demonstrated in front of McDonald's Friday afternoon.
Plainfield's downtown McDonald's was the site of a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) demonstration Friday afternoon. The group of young people, who did not seem to be from Plainfield (I spotted a sweatshirt from the now-defunct Paterson Catholic High), held their placards protesting the treatment of chickens used in McDonald's products aloft as passersby honked their horns.

Friends created an impromptu memorial for biker Dosycar Carter Friday afternoon.

Word of the death of motorcyclist Dosycar Carter led his friends to set up an impromptu memorial at the site of the accident. Carter died from injuries sustained after he crashed into a vehicle attempting to turn onto West Front Street from Melrose Avenue after a large motorcycle rally in Plainfield last weekend.

Rebuilt Sycamore Avenue bridge was open to vehicular traffic Friday.

The rebuilt Sycamore Avenue bridge was opened to traffic on Friday, without notice or ceremony, giving folks once again the handy shortcut to Route 22 that avoids the busiest streets. The project, begun last summer, dragged on for months with no activity over the winter. Somerset County was responsible for the work. (Union County, which is responsible for the bridges EAST of Park Avenue, finished the Sandford Avenue bridge project in a far shorter time -- starting later, and ending before the winter season.)

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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True American Patriot said...

I'm a PETA member . . . People Eating Tasty Animals!

Anonymous said...

really they got murders and shootings going on and they are worried about freakin chicken wings and legs. This city is f@cked up

Joel Mercado said...

Thanks for blogging this. I'm actually the one who organized this protest with fellow friends from school, and yes we are from Plainfield (we attend Plainfield High School except for one girl). If you would like a better quality picture of us, e-mail me at

Its not a group picture since its missing about 6 kids who had to leave early.

Anonymous said...

I applaud these young people for having a positive focus and standing up for what they believe in! We need more positive minded kids taking action to make things better. Yay for you kids!

Joel said...

@Anonymous: We do care about the murders and shootings going on in Plainfield, we've taken part in many "Walks for Violence" in Plainfield. We could do both you know, it just takes a couple of dedicated people and enough placards.

Anonymous said...

Great to know that a brainstorming session took place.

My mind is racing about the work "brainstorming" and the organizers, but I won't say it.