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Monday, May 2, 2011

6th murder of 2011 with Piscataway man's death; another man shot Sunday night

6th murder victim was shot inside convenience store at West 3rd and Rushmore.

Ricci Askew became Plainfield's sixth murder victim of 2011 when he expired after life support was withdrawn, I have been told over the weekend.

Askew, of Piscataway, was shot in the head while inside the a convenience store at 1348 West 3rd Street early last Wednesday morning. His death has not yet been reported in the media, nor have authorities made a statement concerning upgrading charges against the as-yet-unknown perpetrator.

Sunday witnessed two more gun-related incidents in the city's West End.

An assault rifle was fired Sunday evening on Manson Place, I have been told. Though there were no hits, shell casings have been recovered.

Early Monday morning, a man suffered three gunshot wounds at the Elmwood Gardens complex. No details available yet on how serious the wounds, and whether police have found suspected shooters.

Will post  more details as information becomes available.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Oh my Stars!
What is the police Chief doing

Anonymous said...

So sorry about the tragic death. I will say, however, that people in that area need to start cooperating with the police and start telling them what they know about everything. Otherwise, killings will continue.