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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Final Town Hall meeting tonight at Clinton School

The final Town Hall meeting sponsored by the Plainfield City Council takes place this evening at Clinton Elementary School.

Conceived as a means of getting input from residents and taxpayers on issues of concern to the community, they have been invaluable as a means for residents to speak out without the formal constraints that hold during regular Council meetings -- plus giving an opportunity for back-and-forth with Councilors.
While they have been held in each of the city's four wards (at Emerson, Cook and Cedarbrook Schools), they are meant to be opportunities for anyone from the community to come out and share concerns. As I said in previous posts on the meetings --

While the meetings are being held in each ward over a period of several weeks in the hopes that those interested will find a neighborhood location convenient, all the meetings are open to all regardless of residence and everyone is encouraged to find one at a convenient time and place to participate.
In fact, each has had representation from all across the city, and the same is expected for this evening's meeting.
I take issue with the anonymous commenter who has posted an anti-McWilliams whine on both Olddoc's blog and on Plainfield Today.

Here are the comments on Doc's Potpourri (see here) --

Good Afternoon,

I just find it so hard to believe that you have to always bash the Mayor of this great city of Plainfield. When are you going to get out there and help with the real issues in Plainfield and that is the CRIME. I sat in the back of the room last night and watch the Mayor and the Council President fight Plainfield will never grow as long as this mess continues. As I go to the meetings every month Council President have made announcements during and before they closed out the meetings about the town hall meetings that were going to take place not one time dide she mention the $th Ward town hall meeting. I know she could care less but she should not show her discrimination against the residents of the 4th Ward. This is the last town hall meeting and she downplayed the meeting as if we the residents issues did ntot count. Wow this is so not fair. We have so much crime shootings killings and the rest of the council could care less. We defiantly need a change on the council.
and on Plainfield Today (see here) --

Dan the Mayor will never be able to do anything right in your eyes. As I sat in the back of the council meeting last night I didnt see any unity from the mayor to the council president to the council as a whole. It's very heart breaking that they can not get along. The city will never move forward. I feel very sad. There are so many killings, gun shots and all the mayor and the council president do is fight. It is a very funny thing that i have been to every council meeting this year and every town hall meeting the council president make an announcement before the meeting and right before the meeting is about to end. The council President made no mention of the town hall meeting that will be taking place in the 4th ward. I know that she could care less about the 4th ward but wow she is really starting to show it more and more. You probably will not post this but I'm going to say it snyway.
I am guessing the two comments are by the same person, and they sound suspiciously like the whine by the Third Place resident who -- yet again -- issued the 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO PLEASE ME' challenge to Council President Annie McWilliams at Monday's meeting.

Heartbroken that the Council and the Mayor can't get along? I have three words for the commenter: Get over it!

To anyone who knows anything about American history -- let alone Plainfield history -- this is how things get done. Some folks are trying to pull the wagon forward and some are trying to hold it back. It's a struggle. And that is why it is so halting.

The comment on Plainfield Today suggests this person has been an observer who only this year has pulled themself out of the Barcalounger to come out and see what goes on in the real world.

The real question is not whether Council President McWilliams made mention of the meeting on Monday evening. The real question is what the commenter is doing to make sure people come out tonight.

I'll be there, as I have at all the others.

Council Town Hall Meetings:  Ward 4
Wedesday · May 11 · 7:00 PM

Clinton School
West 4th Street at Clinton Avenue
Parking in the school lot or on the street.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Talk about whining: " observer who only this year has pulled themself out of the Barcalounger to come out and see what goes on in the real world."
Why would you deliberately call out any resident, let alone one of the 0.1% who comes out to meetings? Just because you think they don't have a as finely developed sense of the political process as you?
Educate them, yes; insult them, no.

Bob said...

I read what this commenter said and wonder if the mayor put someone up to posting the comments. She has done it before and I don't trust her. We do have a great city, but not a great mayor or even a good one to help us move forward. Too bad this person hasn't been paying attention for the past six or seven years.

olddoc said...

Once again beauty has triumphed over age I was saving that anonymous' comment for a blog as soon as I finish with more pressing items.

Anonymous said...

Annie did mention the meeting at the very end. Those in the audience had started talking so maybe they didn't hear it. Hearing is convenient for the hearer.

Anonymous said...

To the whiner - perhaps you should be a bit more observant of your surroundings. At last year's 4th Ward meeting, there may have been 3 perhaps 4 people from the 4th Ward at the meeting. So, get them out to talk. If not, what do you expect?