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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rucker's team is Jerry's team, with all that implies

This is a team, folks, better not forget it.
Tony Rucker's blog post today opens by acknowledging my post of yesterday concerning Charles Eke's endorsement of Rucker and attack on the PMUA that appeared in yesterday's Courier (see my post here, Rucker's post here).

Rucker ignores Eke's proposal, leaving voters to wonder just where he stands on the matter of the PMUA; yes, we know it's expensive and needs reforming, but what is RUCKER going to do about it?

A careful reading (or two, or three) of Rucker's post can be helpful for those who have not yet made up their mind about who they will vote for June 7. First to see how clueless Rucker is about how city government really works and what the Council's role is.

But, more importantly for what Rucker leaves unsaid: that Rucker and his running mate Councilor Vera Greaves are Jerry's team, with all that implies.

Why doesn't Rucker declare his pride in being part of Assemblyman Green's handpicked team?

Here's a scenario for you.

Suppose Rucker and Greaves are elected and there is a proposal to dissolve the PMUA.

That would have to be done by an ORDINANCE, and could be passed by four votes. Would Rucker and Greaves vote to dissolve the PMUA?

If they did, Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs, that other handpicked Green teammate, would VETO it.

Overturning the veto would require FIVE votes, not just four. How would Rucker be accountable, avoid gridlock, and get the PMUA dissolved?

Or would he?

After all, being a part of 'the Green team' means following The Boss' lead.

And where does Jerry stand on the PMUA?

A NOTE ON COMMENTS: Your comments are valued, as always, but for the duration of the political campaign season I am turning off the 'anonymous' comments. This means only those who use an identity will be posted. If thousands of folks are being asked to consider voting for this or that candidate, I think the reader should know who is doing the advocating. Fair enough?

Being Jerry's teammate...and all that implies.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

As Vera Greaves and other Gerry and Sharon allies have shown, they stand for nothing and are puppets on a string. That's sad for the people of Plainfield, who want a better city to live in, not the status quo. Let's show them that the voters are in charge, not some narrow minded, self serving politicians!

Dwayne said...

Ahhh Jerry's Team...

I guess that also includes CORY STORCH, ADRIAN MAPP and would have included REBECCA WILLIAMS as she had asked for the line, right?

Hadn't Al McWilliams (for whom I voted twice) on Jerry's line as well.

I am pretty sure Tony will vote as they claim to vote, with the interest of Plainfield in mind.

Rob said...

Either side can claim "gridlock" is the problem and it is as long as it's self serving polarizing factions.
Which faction has thwarted every attempt at financial accountability ?
New Dems or Jerry's Dems ?? I don't recall the Veto and backing votes of said veto coming from the New Dems.
Which faction has thwarted every attempt at making the recreation department accountable for it's funds, service and role in the community?
New Dems or Jerry's Dems?? I don't recall the Veto and backing votes of said veto coming from the New Dems.

2 examples. If I am partisan and gridlock and responsible for playing "blame" how do I change 2 prime examples of accountability being thrown to the side of the road???

Do I help vote out the New Dems who support accountability or do I support the Mayor and her lackey's on the city council who are against accountability? Yeah, that's what I'll do, I'll support the Mayor and her lackeys of the city council so that we all get along and further ignore fiscal and public accountability. Then at least we won't have gridlock. We'll have a smooth even face of unity as we march for fiscal calamity. Nothing like going down together.

I'll keep playing the blame game for now and blame myself for gridlock and lack of accountability.

In the mean time, maybe the Mayor's gang friends will help her with the issues of accountability. They seem to have accomplished more in 1 week than she has in 2 terms.

Olive said...

Hi Dan.

I know both Tony and Cory. Both a great guys, great neighbors, intelligent and caring people.

I believe anyone who is serving or who is willing to serve should be applauded for the effort involved. I think everyone in our administration, council and BOE are doing their best and have the best intentions.

That being said, right now we have a poor outcome from the administration, council and BOE. The city has huge, difficult issues. It is going to take people discussion their positions, gathering facts, understanding the impacts of decisions on our city, and ACTION to make things change for the better.

Our country, state and other towns are in horrible financial shape. No one has any money. There is a lot of waste and corruption. We need brave people to be in office to do new things to deal with our situation.

I've talked with Tony about his campaign, what he wants to achieve.

I'm convinced Tony is beholden to no one. He's financially independent, he doesn't need back-room deals or kickbacks. He told me if he gets elected, he doesn't care if he's only in office for one term -- he wants to do what's right for the city, even if it is unpopular.

I know when Tony accepted the line he told Mr. Green he was his own man, would use his own money for his campaign, and if elected, he would vote his conscience -- not the party line. I don't think this makes Tony "owned" by anyone, but himself.

Everyone at some time has been a newbie and had things to learn about serving. Annie is young and had never served, yet I believe she's done an admirable job.

Cory has lots of experience, with his years on the BOE and council. I find Cory to be a thoughtful, intelligent man and he has done good things in his time serving.

I can't vote in this election. In the end, the people voting have to decide between Tony and Cory, Vera and Dee. All good people.

People should base their decision on who they think can tackle the difficult problems the city faces and get things done.

The "faction" argument is not productive nor accurate. Dee has helped Mr. Green on many things and it was apparent Mr. Green thinks a lot of her. At the Democratic committee meeting he said he didn't know she wanted to run, otherwise, he might have considered her for the line. Cory has run on the line before. I don't think "the line" necessarily defines anyone's allegence.

Whether someone is a New Dem, Old Dem, Black Dem, White Dem, Hispanic Dem, Republican, Independent -- we all are in the same boat, want the same thing -- brave, dedicated people who will work together to solve the city's problems.

Rebecca Williams said...

With all due respect, Dwayne, please stop spreading that canard about me asking for Jerry's line.