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Friday, May 20, 2011

Guerrilla warfare between officers, Hellwig?


There are many in the Plainfield Police Division who regard the elimination of the Chief of Police position and its replacement with Martin Hellwig as Police Director as the politicization of the police division.

Discontent with Hellwig's leadership (or, as some complain, lack of it) now appears to be breaking into the open.

Last night, I was besieged with reports of Hellwig's rumored resignation, supposedly after hours Thursday. Though checking with many sources, I was unable to confirm it as more than a rumor.

This morning, I am told, there were so many calls to the Division about the rumor that the Mayor's office was called to confirm that it was indeed just a rumor.

Add to that that the Director's parking space was said to be marked off by yellow crime scene tape, and it appears the conflict is pretty much out in the open.

One has to wonder if Hellwig's ability to effectively lead the Division is being compromised and whether the Prosecutor may have to step in to guarantee effective police operations for the citizens of Plainfield.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

Hellwig never had much ability or respect when the mayor and Jerry Green make this terrible decision. I think Hellwig is a criminal for using the police vehicle and computer to solicate a prostitute while on duty. He should have been fired. He needs to go and we need people to flood the mayor's office about firing Hellwig and reinstating our Police Chief.

Rob said...

Quite simply... I feel for the police officers employed in Plainfield.