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Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Van Wyck Brooks HD website debuts

New VWB website has a fresh look.
Plainfield's oldest continually active historic district, Van Wyck Brooks, debuts it new website this weekend (see here).

The new site acknowledges the twin aspects of the District by billing it as a 'celebration of diversity and architectural heritage'.

Van Wyck Brooks has been able to thrive even when several other districts' homeowner organizations have become mostly dormant, owing in large part to its social activities as well as promoting preservation and restoration of its unique architectural heritage. (Just think of the annual Twelfth Night Progressive Dinner, which is always sold out.)

The new site features sections on news and events (where last weekend's refreshing of the District's 42 planters is highlighted) plus a photo gallery of activities.

A section on 'current renovations' has an article and checklist for use BEFORE undertaking renovations that is useful for residents of all the city's historic districts, including a list of City Hall phone numbers and links to useful information and organizations.

Plans are to include sections on completed renovations as well as listings of local businesses.

Congratulations to the District and the team of volunteers who put the site together.

(Hidden Plainfield will return next Sunday.)

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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