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Saturday, May 15, 2010

PSEG's Plainfield topiary

PSE&G tree trim on Leland Avenue.

So, is PSE&G practicing topiary in Plainfield?

It would seem so from the extreme tree-trimming example above spotted on Leland Avenue.

Any Rorschach enthusiasts out there want to try and make sense of the design?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

A friend and I just saw that tree last week and thought it summed up perfectly, the hack job PSE&G does on our trees. If anyone is noticing, these hack jobs result in most of the splitting, broken, and toppled street trees that came down in the last wind storm. And WHO pay$ for the damage and clean up? The residents through insurance bills and taxes.

Rob said...

mmmmmm....I would call it " Lack of Planning "...that type of tree was not meant to be planted near power lines. People complain about it, but they complain louder when a slight breeze knocks a limb down and they lose power ( Why don't they trim these trees they can see it needs to be done ?? ). I have to drive by today just to see it now though!

Anonymous said...

they do such wonderful tree trimming I thought it was our City Tree Service