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Monday, May 24, 2010

Judge upholds firing of cop for visiting dating sites on work computer

A Plainfield Today reader spotted a judge's ruling that a cop could be fired for visiting dating services and viewing porn on his work computer.

The Bergen Record reported the story on its website on Sunday
(see story here).

In the May 11 ruling, an administrative law judge ruled that the Park Ridge police department had met the burden of proof on charges the captain viewed pornography and visited online dating sites on his work computer, and that his termination was 'an appropriate penalty'.

There are two points to observe here --
  1. There was a policy in place, whether municipal or the police department's itself; and

  2. The municipality was willing to press the case.
The dismissal was made in July 2009, retroactive to January of that year. The ruling was issued May 11 this year. The Civil Service Commission has 45 days to adopt, modify or reject the judge's ruling.

As Sextus Empiricus said, 'The wheels of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine' (see here).

Of course, something for the gods to grind must be given in the first place.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Rob said...

I think it is so great when you show us what happens in the real world. Someday maybe things like this could happen in Plainfield. I mean, unless everyone else is Plainfield is ok with Hellwig's happy ending meaning more than a great season finale on LOST last night.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Martin Hellwig, Public Safety Director of Plainfield, solicited a male prostitute on CITY TIME, using a CITY COMPUTER, drove a CITY VEHICLE on CITY TIME to meet said prostitute, and then was TOO STUPID to take the damning evidence out of said city vehicle when it broke down in VERONA NJ, the site of the assignation.
You may wonder why I have written this all out. I want to make sure that whenever anybody Googles "MARTIN HELLWIG" that this story comes up and haunts him forever.
Clearly the administration will do nothing to clear this liability, who is slowly dismantling the police department, fomenting severe discontent in the ranks, and putting all of Plainfield in serious danger.
I have in the past been a supporter of the Green/Briggs administration. This is the LAST STRAW! I can no longer close my eyes to the corruption and lack of direction of this city.
And while we're at it, WHY hasn't Mark Spivey, the one who's supposed to be the actual JOURNALIST for Plainfield, done anything serious about this investigation? He was all over Connelly, Gallon... why not Hellwig? What does Green do for Spivey? How does he control him? Yet another piece of the puzzle?

Bob said...

This ruling just shows us how far off our mayor was in excusing such unbecoming behavior from Hellwig. He lost all credibility in the eyes of the public and I don't know why the mayor let this blow by. He needs to go, since his slap-on-the-hand was not appropriate for a man in his position. Again, we see how corrupt this administration is.

Anonymous said...

whats the big idea censoring comments now dan

Jim Pivnichny said...

I echo Rob's comments. Why does Plainfield operate with a different set of standards than some of New Jersey's more enlightened communities?
Jim Pivnichny

Anonymous said...

Only a matter of time for Hellwig and Briggs for the cover-up! Justice will prevail. Be patient.

Anonymous said...

Great story that should raise the eyebrows of our City officials. So, we are not crazy and there is something wrong with what he did.

Anonymous said...

I heard that the wheels of revenge are grinding ahead and have resulted in a complaint sustained against the outstanding sergeant that fulfilled his oath by reporting this so-called police professional. Hellwig had recently tried to transfer this sergeant to patrol, a perceived punishment, but was told to hold off by corporation counsel. At least there is somebody in this city that is trying to hold off another lawsuit by a power drunk department head!

Rob said...

Per the comment about the "revenge" against the intelligent person who brought this into the open... I hope Hellwig and Mayor Sharon go ahead and complete the gaffe they have begun by "pretending" nothing happened. Then, let the officer sue Plainfield further down the rat hole it's in. Maybe then even more information will come out about the entire event leading to an even less "happy ending" for Hellwig's angry 6.5".
( and Dan..if you edit's ok - lol )

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt that Helwing would want to see a lawsuite because he would have to testify at a public hearing on his actions. But boy, would I love to be the lawyer for the Sgt. Not for the money the ity would have to pay me for his legal fees, but just the fun I would have with Helwig on the stand. But not as much fun I would have with the Mayor's testimony.

If I were the Sgt.I would say "BRING IN ON"