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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shootout reported at Green Brook Park Sunday evening

Site of police activity at Green Brook Park.

Plainfield's Memorial Day weekend has been marred by a reported shootout at Green Brook Park.

As of 9:00 PM, no one seemed to have taken themselves to the Muhlenberg ER, so it may be that no one was hit.

A resident preparing to decorate the Revolutionary War monument in preparation for the holiday observance tomorrow reported seeing swarms of Union County and Plainfield police vehicles in the area of the parking lot by the playground, with yellow crime scene tape roping off an area including the marshy ground at the bottom of the hill to which Myrtle Avenue homes back up.

I am told police found members of the Libside Bloods set on the scene when they arrived.

I drove by at 9:45 P.M. to find the U.C. crime scene investigators at work and multiple prowl cars parked in the area. There was also another unmarked car driving along the path that winds along the fence perimeter of the park between the playground and Clinton Avenue.

More when I learn more.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

There were many children there at the time the gunfire went off. THose bastards could have shot an innocent child or adult. We had just arrived at the playground and were getting our daughter out of the car when my husband was scoping the scene and saw a large group of men wearing white tees and jeans descend down a hill. Hubby thought they looked suspicious and confirmed his uneasiness when he saw several of the men put their hands on their handguns concealed under their clothing. He told me, "those men are armed, let's get out of here". We didn't even put our little girl into her carseat and made a hasty retreat out of the playground parking area....60 seconds later we heard about 6 gunshots and when I looked out the rear window I saw people running scared down the road behind us. We pulled over when we were far enough away to put our baby in the car seat and I called 911 to let them know there was trouble. I was shaken up and worried for the innocent people and children there. Mostly, I was thankful my husband was with me because I did not notice anything suspicious and had I been alone with my daughter, I would have proceeded to the playground and would have been too close for comfort when the shootout began.

Bob said...

It is so sad that Plainfield is becoming another Newark and not much seems to be done by it. I guess we need to thank our mayor and he protege' Hellwig. Perhaps he should give up male hookers for a while and learn from our previous police chief.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Last I checked we had dropped the title of murder capital of Union County.

Crime will flare up occassionally. But overall, Plainfield is a much safer place to be then when a Chief appointed for life, was in charge.

Anonymous said...

Any Updates on the Cookout Shoot out

Dan said...

working on an update