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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Moving day at the Monarch

Bronx firm's truck moving someone into the Monarch.

Sales at the Monarch, Plainfield's attempt to enter the market-rate condo world, have been sluggish but there is progress. Yesterday found this bright blue truck from 'The Padded Wagon', a Bronx moving firm, unloading someone's earthly possessions at 400 East Front Street.

I have recently noticed a few more lights on in the building at night. Hopefully this real estate market will begin to pick up at some point.

A warm welcome to the new Plainfielders!

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

It's nice that some are selling. It must be someone from way out of town, as Plainfield's crime news is making everyone wary. I wish the Monarch had a steel instead of wood frame, the condos might almost be worth the price. If hope future development is of better quality, both with the builder and the city's involvement.

Rob said...

Per Robert's comment about steel vs. wood... I too was puzzled why there wasn't steel framing. I had thought most large scale projects had gone over to steel. All along the Raritan Vally Line most multi-unit projects have been steel as of late. The long term benefits vs upfront costs are more than apparent. But...when you have free land...the joy of potential $ is far too great I suppose!