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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Media at fever pitch over Plainfield's superintendent Gallon

Plainfield schools superintendent Steve Gallon III.

As Plainfield schools superintendent Steve Gallon III begins his journey through New Jersey's criminal justice system, media coverage of both his legal woes and the predicament he has put the Plainfield Board of Ed in are reaching a fever pitch.

Here is today's roundup --
You will also find continuing coverage on Maria' Blog (see here), Olddoc's Potpourri (see here), a post on last Friday's 'emergency' meeting on Renata Hernandez' PEPTalk: Revisited blog (see here) and of course, Plainfield Today.

Plainfield Board of Education
Work/Study Meeting (Action may be taken)
"Agenda: 5/11/2010 Work/Study Meeting" (PDF)

(Times corrected -- DD)
6:30 PM (Executive Session)
8:00 PM
(Public Meeting)
PHS Conference Room
950 Park Avenue

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...


You time is incorrect for the meeting. Executive session starts at 6:30, public session at 8:00

Anonymous said...

the public portion starts at 8pm not 7pm according to the agenda.

Dan said...

Thanks to both! Correction posted. (Actually had it correct on CLIPS all along -- must be brain fog, or fatigue, considering the hour of the Council meeting last night.

Anonymous said...

Another Blog related to PPS: