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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gallon busted over South Plainfield school allegations

Fox 5's Arnold Diaz tries to interview Steve Gallon III,
Plainfield schools superintendent, earlier this year.

Plainfield Schools Superintendent Steve Gallon III was busted at the district administration building this morning in connection with allegations he allowed two of his assistants to use his South Plainfield home address to register their children in the South Plainfield public schools though they did not reside in the district, according to Mark Spivey's account in the Courier (online here).

The rumors had been circulating back at the beginning of the year, and I wrote about the situation on January 26th (see original post here) --
...[m]ost damning -- and FATAL, by my lights, IF TRUE -- is the rumor that Dr. Gallon had allowed a District administrator to use Gallon's South Plainfield home address to falsely register their child (or children) in the South Plainfield Public Schools while not legally resident in that borough.

Dr. Gallon needs to get out in front of this rumor immediately and quash it if it is not true.

For if it is, it means that he has broken the most fundamental bond of trust needed between a school district's chief administrator and the taxpayers, parents, teachers and students of the district -- that of unreserved support of the public school system that has employed him or her.

If it turns out to be true, it is not only a violation of our trust, it has possible legal repercussions, since the deception may be actionable at law by the South Plainfield schools.

If true, this situation, added to the lack of judgment exercised in the whole certifications imbroglio involving Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2, would put Dr. Gallon in a morally untenable position.

If the state's OFAC findings point to fraudulent dealings in the hirings, Dr. Gallon, who made the recommendation to hire the Jane Does to the Board, would find himself also possibly in the state's crosshairs.

It is in Dr. Gallon's best interest to dispense these rumors with facts as quickly as he can, if he can.

If he cannot do so to the Board's, the public's and the state's satisfaction, the Board of Ed needs to dig in its heels -- out of its fiduciary duty to the taxpayers -- and JUST SAY NO.

It is unfortunate for Board members facing re-election this spring that all of this is coming to a head as we roll into the election season.

They are likely to be judged on their support for Dr. Gallon up to this point -- however well-intentioned or ill-informed -- and to be found wanting by the voters.
The Board of Ed meeting is sure to be packed tonight, what with the reorganization of the Board and the desire of folks to learn more details (which I am sure the lawyers are working to make sure they WILL NOT).

Board of Education Reorganization Meeting

7:00 P.M. Tonight

Administration Building (Jefferson School)
1200 Myrtle Avenue

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Now can we finally get rid of him??? Or do we have to buy him out too? Terminate him now!

Anonymous said...

If he is arrested, that means he's accused of criminal behavior.

With most firms, criminal behavior is grounds for suspension (without pay) and, if proven guilty, termination.

If Gallon and his cohorts are found guilty, the BOE would have grounds for civil suit to get money back.

This makes me very hopeful that the BS, theft, lying, cheating that has gone on in Plainfield will be coming to an end. This sends a very clear signal.

Now on to local government!! Let's clean house of the criminals there!