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Monday, May 10, 2010

Council Quickies: Some items of interest on tonight's agenda

Plainfield's City Council has a number of items of interest on tonight's agenda (you can download a copy here -- PDF):

  • MC 2010 - 09: Second reading of an ordinance creating a new section, 18, in the municipal code for the Municipal Alliance (and ordinance 10, requiring city residency). This is of interest as in the past the Municipal Alliance has been concerned with Dudley House; now that those services are outsourced, the question arises what the Municipal Alliance will be doing.

  • R-162-10 and 163 -10: Space is reserved for the Mayor to make nominations to Historic Preservation Commission and the Cable TV Advisory Board. No names are listed.

  • R- 165-10 and 166-10: These two resolutions would allow Habitat and the Housing Authority's CDC to develop residences on various properties from the old 197-property redevelopment plan.

  • R- 169-10: A resolution contracting with ADP for an integrated human resources information system ($130,000) covering data management, time/attendance and payroll services (about which Olddoc has questions -- see here).

  • R- 172-10 and 173-10: The Municipal Alliance again, this time to submit and execute a grant agreement with the County for $39,285 to provide 'educational services' -- hopefully to be clarified.

  • MC 2010 - 16: First reading of a new ordinance to amend and replace parts of the existing sign regulations of the City. This impacts business owners throughout the city, and has been commented on by Bernice (see here).

  • MC 2010 - 18: Space reserved for an ordinance by the City Council on the Queen City Baseball League matter. As of this morning, I have been told there is no progress in negotiations between the City and the QCBL, despite Mayor Robinson-Briggs' promises at last week's Council meeting.
Just a few of the many interesting items Council will take up this evening.

8:00 PM in the Council Chambers/Municipal Courthouse, Watchung Avenue at 4th Street.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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