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Monday, May 17, 2010

3 shot over weekend, pedestrian struck, plus unremarked bias incident

Plainfield's law enforcement and emergency services personnel were kept busy over this past weekend with three shootings and a pedestrian struck by a vehicle.

Overnight Saturday, two females were shot during a barrage of gunfire -- said by one person to involve 'scores of shots' -- in the Elmwood Gardens vicinity on West 2nd Street. (A score, if your memory fails you, is TWENTY.)

Sunday night, another individual was shot near the intersection of Liberty and West 3rd Streets, just a block away from the previous night's shootings.

Is it a gang turf war? Drug deals gone awry? Let's hope we find out.

Meanwhile, Plainfield and North Plainfield police had blockaded Watchung Avenue in the vicinity of the bridge over the Green Brook at daybreak today. The street was completely closed off with incident tape and crime photographers were on the scene shortly before 6:00 AM.

I was told that a pedestrian had been struck by a vehicle and was medevaced to RWJ.


An incident of Black-on-Hispanic assault and robbery with bias intimidation also took place about two weeks ago, but has gone unremarked to date.

An adult and a juvenile beat and robbed an Hispanic male, while reportedly yelling ethnic slurs at him. Police arrested the pair and documented the bias aspect, charging them with first degree bias intimidation, robbery and aggravated assault.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Rob said...

I don't know about you Dan...but I live in Mayor Briggs Plainfield...not the one where things like " Is it a gang turf war? Drug deals gone awry? " could possibly exist.
Like those people that no one can find who drink in the parks, I too find it difficult to drive through neighborhoods in Plainfield and distinguish the people with cell phones standing on all corners of a few block radius watching for police..Maybe those people could help us find the people dealing drugs ??? Just like the people with the brown bags in the parks could help us find who are the ones drinking openly in the parks.