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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gallon Bust: Roundup of news coverage

Schools superintendent Steve Gallon III.

Plainfield Schools Superintendent Steve Gallon III was arrested and charged with 'theft by deception'. Two of his top assistants were also charged. Here are links to news coverage --

The Courier's Mark Spivey broke the story online Tuesday afternoon, centered on allegations Gallon allowed two of his assistants to use his South Plainfield home address to register their children in the South Plainfield public schools though they did not reside in the district (online here).

A companion story by Spivey details the reactions of Plainfield and South Plainfield school officials (see here).
I posted a breaking news item yesterday afternoon, recapping my January report of the rumored school-residency scam (see here); for a South Plainfield perspective, you should check out the South Plainfield blog 07080 (see here) which also posted yesterday afternoon.
The Ledger's reportage includes remarks by the BOE attorney foreshadowing how the matter will unfold (see here).
101.5 Radio
Millenium radio (NJ101.5) was present at Tuesday's BOE reorganization meeting and posts their reportage online (see here).
The AP feed picked up the story, as reported yesterday here on the website of NJ 101.5 (see here) and mentions the name of Gallon's personal attorney (for background, see here).
I find that I have written 20 posts in which Dr. Gallon has figured. For a complete list, see here.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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