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Monday, July 29, 2013

Robinson-Briggs hires Wynn back in Recreation

...and don't you forget it!
After quitting his post as Plainfield's Superintendent of Parks and Recreation under a cloud of suspicion just eleven months ago, word came over the weekend that Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs has put her finger in the eye of Plainfield taxpayers by re-hiring Dave Wynn on a so-called 'temporary' basis to resume his old job.

In a post at the time of Wynn's abrupt resignation (see here), I asked rhetorically '...[w]ill Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs put a responsible adult in place and undertake a thorough housecleaning of Parks and Recreation? It would be warranted, but I don't have high hopes.'

Score one for Dan the Prognosticator.

Having re-hired Wynn, Robinson-Briggs now faces some other questions that need to be answered.

First: How will he be paid? If there was no budgeting for a Director, where will Sharon find the money to pay him? (And if she does, she can be sure the UEZ staffers will be knocking on her door asking 'what about us?'

Then there's the question of WHEN Wynn puts in his time.

The news that said he had been hired also reported he has been seen going in and out of the Annex building late in the evening. To which the question is how and why?

A review of surveillance tapes should reveal if Wynn is indeed coming in late at night -- that is, if the tapes haven't been overwritten yet. How does he get in? If he does not have his own password, is he using someone else's? That would be a violation of security. Is he being let in by maintenance staff? If so, who gave permission -- or was permission even given?

Besides that, there is the question of WHY he would come in late at night? Is he ashamed to face his workmates? Does he have another, daytime job?

Some months ago, Mayor Robinson-Briggs is said to have issued a ukase barring employees from working past 5:00 PM. So, why would Wynn be exempt?

On the other hand, if he has outside employment whose hours conflict with the city's business hours, how did he get hired? Those with long memories will recall that Robinson-Briggs fired Health Officer Jadwiga Warwas, MD, over alleged outside employment (even though she disclosed it on her resumé, it was a couple of hours on her own computer at home at night, and it did not interfere with her daytime presence or performance).

Someone please remind the Mayor she can't keep two sets of rules, those for her friends and those for her 'non-friends'. Thank you.

Now that Sharon has made her move, the issues around Wynn's performance that so clouded his previous tenure are back on the table -- abuse of hiring authority, financial improprieties (including the possibility of fraud and theft), and a generally dismissive haughtiness toward the City Council and his superiors.

There is also another matter, into which I will now be looking. I had decided after Robinson-Briggs was defeated in the Primary not to pursue it, and instead to be 'Mister Nice Guy'.

That was because I thought (foolishly) that she would simply serve out her term without being destructive.

Silly me.

-- Dan Damon [follow]
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Anonymous said...

Maybe she hired him back because the pools are now (finally) open--but at night? What is he doing, and why?

Bob said...

Sharon oesn't know how to be professional or serve the needs of Plainfielders. Too bad she's such a selfish/self centered person I know. Thank God she's gone soon.

Anonymous said...

That's shame when will the people of Plainfield wake up.Almost as bad, the Plainfield Board of Ed everyone knows the Campbells had previous relationship with present law firm yet no one speak's up.There is kickback's going on contracts given to Wilmas sister previously for law work.This is tip of the iceberg,Chris Payne hired to come back to the board were he and present staff steal time every day..This includes it dept of the board of ed shared service program with city.Three hour lunches and game stop shopping are the norm.Who is monitoring them???

Rebecca Williams said...

The fraud and theft that occurred in the Recreation Division last year occurred under the watchful eye of the staff. In fact, THEY were the ones handling out the fraudulent applications to benefit the illegal marketing company. The mayor's lack of ethics, love of corruption, and disregard for honesty is clearly contagious. I am hopeful that the state will investigate this corruption and do what they usually do to criminals.



Anonymous said...

Will SOB leave City Hall broom swept. Hmmmm . . . but what will the next Mayor find when he inspects under the rug?

Anonymous said...

Sharon was the worst!
Everyone who voted for her should have their heads examined.
She is a petty ignorant person who really believed she was untouchable.
I can't wait for karma to smack her in the face.
As for Dave.....prosecute to the fullest extent of the law because he has broken some laws...

Rebecca Williams said...

Dan--this rumor has finally been confirmed as just that--a rumor.