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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Charter Study's public hearing set for Thursday

The quest for 'just and capable' government continues.
Plainfield's Charter Study Commission will hold its public hearing tomorrow evening (Thursday), beginning at 7:30 PM.

A PowerPoint presentation will be offered showing the work the Commission has done since it began work in December, 2012.

The Commission has heard from many past and present elected officials and employees on the matter of Plainfield's special charter, its strengths and weaknesses, and opinions on whether or not it should be changed to more accurately reflect current state law and practice.

The public has been welcome at every meeting and offered opportunities to participate and ask questions. A public hearing is required by law and will offer an opportunity for any resident to express opinions on the charter or to have questions answered.

The hearing will take place in the first hour of the Commission's meeting in the City Hall Library, after which members will continue the process of review.

The Charter Study Commission's report is due in early August, and its options include recommending no changes at all, modifying the current special charter (which would require the approval of the Legislature and the signature of the Governor), or adopting one of the Faulkner Act options (which would go immediately to a referendum by the voters).

You can follow the Commission's progress by checking its meeting agendas and reading its minutes on the Commission's blog here.

We are in debt to these dedicated citizens for the time and thought they have put into this process as members of the Commission: Mary Burgwinkle, Jeanette Criscione, Marie Davis, Rick Smiley and John Stewart Jr.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Just want to personally thank the members of the commission for their time and dedication to this important task. We owe them a debt of gratitude for their time and professionalism.
Peter Price