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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Recreation Superintendent Dave Wynn quits

QCBL players plead their case at Council in 2010.
Wynn's high-handed treatment of group brought his management
under increased scrutiny.
Plainfield's Superintendent of Parks and Recreation Dave Wynn resigned last Friday, effective immediately, I have learned.

Wynn had come under increasing pressure for his conduct of recreation matters in recent years.

His evasiveness and lack of cooperation with the Citizens Budget Advisory Committee during budget deliberations in 2011 brought his conduct of Recreation under considerable public scrutiny.

The treatment by Wynn and his hireling Roland Muhammad of the Queen City Baseball League was so contentious that Wynn felt the need to defend his conduct before the Council this past May (see my post here).

The discovery that Muhammad, who, as a 'seasonal' employee was limited to six months' employment only, had been continuously on the City payroll for a much longer period brought the focus to Wynn's management of the Recreation payroll.

Rumors swirled that further questions emerged about the payment of seasonal coaches, some of whom received their stipends even though there were no youngsters signed up for teams.

Following the revelations about Muhammad's employment, other questions began to arise, including allegations that a scheme for use of the playing field at Rushmore Playground had been operated for several years which resulted in the diversion of large amounts of cash away from the City's coffers (see my post here).

Wynn's conduct of the annual July 4th festivities -- one of his largest budget expenditures -- had also come under scrutiny for sloppiness in record-keeping. And for years, volunteers in the Annual Tree Lighting program had complained of irregularities in how the matter of small presents for the youngsters who attend was handled.

While the Rushmore Field soccer matter was rumored to be headed to the Union County Prosecutor's office, it appears that all bets may be off now that Wynn has resigned.

Will Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs put a responsible adult in place and undertake a thorough housecleaning of Parks and Recreation?

It would be warranted, but I don't have high hopes.

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Anonymous said...

HALLELUJAH!!!!! ITS ABOUT TIME! Should have been fired years ago unfortunately nobody has the balls to do it. I would really hope they do some sort of investigation to determine how much he wasted our taxpayers dollars. Where does one apply for his position? I know several well qualified people who would actually care about the children and this city

Anonymous said...

Shall we plan a happy dance party? It's about time. Now the question is how could the mayor sing him praises every chance she got not see. Obviously she couldn't help him from QUITTING?! Maybe now we can have a real Recreation Department.

Anonymous said...

Guess there is no need for his loyal supporters to come to the council meetings anymore. Boy were they fooled.

Anonymous said...

I think the city should pursue and investigation and potential litigation. His quitting is highly suspicious. He's probably had his hand in the till for years. He wants to quit now that the heat is on the cookie jar.

How many people have been on the take?

Anonymous said...

I sure hope he doesn't sue for a million dollars too.

Anonymous said...

To 4:01PM don't worry about him suing, I'm sure he wants to stay as far away from the courts as possible. Let's try to connect the dots. Wynn has survived for years by calling out his loyal minions to voice their support of him at council meetings when he sounded the alert or he would just cry to the mayor. Everyone knows how he loved his power. Why would he just up and quit? His minions couldn't save him. The mayor couldn't save him. Sounds to me like he would rather scurry away without fanfarefor a very good reason.

Anonymous said...

He won't have to sue for a million. The mayor and her cronies will just take it out of our taxes and give it to him.

Anonymous said...

SUE!!!! he had better pray that his decision to quit keeps him from being prosecuted for all the crap he has done over the years. When the handcuffs get too close, all the rats jump ship.

Anonymous said...

What amazes me, you should hear him talk about the mayor behind closed doors

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Said....Now that Dave Wynn is gone a change must occur in other departments. Starting with Public Works which is being run by 2 brothers as if it's their own business.