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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wild cop chase at Crescent Avenue Church


A wild cop chase near Plainfield's historic Crescent Avenue Presbyterian Church Monday afternoon startled passersby and those attending to business at City Hall, the YMCA and the Salvation Army.

I was being towed to my garage (my battery had died) and we were in front of the Salvation Army on Watchung Avenue, where the tow truck had died (his battery, too; very embarrassing to the driver), waiting for another tow truck to tow the tow truck towing me. Got it?

Anyway, we were standing on the sidewalk about 4:40 PM when suddenly there were sirens sounding from all directions.

As people stopped to see where they were coming from, a posse of six or eight Plainfield and Union County Police squad cars (I thought I saw one Fanwood car, too) came barreling west on East 7th Street and blew through the light at the flagpole making a hairpin turn left onto Watchung Avenue and coming to a halt just past the church.

Then several other cars raced up Watchung Avenue from downtown and proceeded through the light and up Crescent Avenue to First Place. While we were scratching our heads at all this, a couple of cars raced eastward from Park Avenue and two Union County Police cars came the wrong way on East 5th Street to the light by City Hall, all converging at the corner by the church.

At length, I got a call from a source who said that someone had robbed a bodega at the corner of East 6th Street and Berckman and had fled in the direction of Watchung Avenue. Was told the suspect was apprehended.

Drama in the afternoon!

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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