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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Why the July 4 Parade was soooo late

Garwood mayor Pat Quatrocchi and Plainfield GOP candidate
Sandy Spector waited in the shade for the parade's belated start.

Plainfield 'green technology' entrepreneur Olive Lynch
got a bird's-eye view of the parade.

Enquiring Plainfield Today readers had several questions about the Independence Day Parade last Saturday and why it started so late.

I know you will be surprised to learn that it had something to do with Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs.

Several readers reported that Her Honor held up the parade's kickoff until nearly 11:00 AM (it was supposed to step off at 10:00 AM), but Pat Turner Kavanaugh, who was a volunteer parade marshal, lets it all hang out in her comment --

Dan: I am a volunteer marshal on Johnston Avenue. The parade stepped off at 11 when the Mayor and the Assemblyman arrived. Congressmen Russ Holt and Frank Pallone were in place on time, as was Assemblywoman Linda Stender and Councilman Cory Storch. The Rec kids had arrived at 9 am. I arrived shortly before that. When the Mayor gave me one of her effusive greetings, and said "How are we doing?," I replied, "We're hot and pissed off." Her Honor asked me to repeat what I had said, so I did. What a disgrace.
You can read all the comments on the two blog posts here and here.

Others pointed out that I did not mention the Republican candidate for mayor of Plainfield, Sandy Spector, in my earlier post on the parade. But there's no secret here, you all know where my sympathies lie.

I was so busy trying to capture a shot of the guy pooper-scooping after the horses, that I missed the car Sandy was supposed to be in -- but thankfully Garwood mayor Pat Quatrocchi sent along a snapshot of the car taken as they waited for the parade to get under way (see above).

The same holds true of Plainfield 'green technology' entrepreneur Olive Lynch, whose horse-drawn carriage scooted quickly across my range of view. Olive was kind enough to supply a bird's-eye view of the parade from behind her horses Abbie and Katie.
As for the late start, this was Mayor Robinson-Briggs' farewell appearance in a July 4 Parade. Can we just say that Sharon fiddled while Plainfielders burned?

Things can only look up.

Abbie and Katie send greetings from Plainfield, NJ!

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Alan Goldstein said...

At least you admit that your "truth" is selective and partisan. Par for the course of New Democrat hypocrisy and deceit.

Anonymous said...

judging by your rude commentary regarding where your sympathies lie you're not too far from the Mayor as I see it for inconsiderate and rude.. Being a lap dog for your political party doesn't mean you can't acknowledge people who believe in a fair effort in an attempt to change things not just change who is getting the larger piece of the Local Democrats favorite dish.. Corrupt Pie.

Anonymous said...

Dan, Thanks for keeping us informed. The local papers don't print much about Plainfield now days. The Mayor should offer an apology to the more that 3,000 people she keep waiting in the 100 plus temperature ( There was a heat alert out by the national weather bureau ). Do you know how much more overtime she ran up because she kept everyone waiting for an hour? Some one said it was over $10,000! I hope you will find out.

Anonymous said...

Alan, not sure what you mean. The mayor was late, the parade stepped off at 11a instead of 10a. It was hot. What are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

Seems the heat has made some Republicans irritable. I took your remarks about overlooking Spector in the parade as being jocular. I, too, didn't recognize her sign on the car. Now if she had been in a convertible: an open car for open government...

Anonymous said...

And her Dis-Honor says she cares about Plainfield's kids, then keeps them waiting in the 90 degree heat while she feeds her pals. Shameful!