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Monday, July 8, 2013

Campbell volunteers cold call for supporters

'Branded' at last. John Campbell Jr. among the palefaces.
GOP Assembly candidate John Campbell Jr's volunteers are 'cold calling', knocking on Plainfield doors and looking for campaign volunteers.

One First Ward resident tells me they answered a knock on the front door to find an attractive young woman who introduced herself as a campaign worker for John Campbell Jr. and asked if my informant would be interested in working on his campaign.

Campbell certainly is taking this thing seriously.

While many Democrats have quietly smiled and kept their thoughts he was a 'sacrificial lamb' to themselves, Campbell has evidently decided to go for the brass ring.

He is seen everywhere, and makes sure his presence is noted at public events (he garners a mention in the TAP writeup of Saturday's July 4 parade, see here) -- and even semi-public events (as in the fundraiser at the Senior Center to convert the Abbott Manor into a veterans' residence, see here).

And then there are the clean, crisp yard signs which on closer inspection don't mention Campbell's party affiliation. There are still plenty of them sprinkled around town, even though the primary is long past.

Clean, crisp, clear ... and unbranded.

Then, of course, there's the fiction that he is running against Assemblywoman Linda Stender of Fanwood. Wink, wink.

One doesn't run against any particular assembly candidate; the seat is at-large, and one simply runs against ALL the candidates.

Will young John put a dent in Jerry Green's numbers?

That would depend on whether voters think he stands FOR anything, or is just running AGAINST someone.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Interesting photo, not a black face in the crowd, except for Campbell.

Anonymous said...

Dem/Rep fighting aside, it's great to see young, talented, educated people getting seriously involved in politics.

There are serious issues facing our young people -- escalating government debt that they and THEIR children are expected to pay, boomers wanting their SSN checks -- when there is no money in the till.

Our elder statespeople are not being progressive or aggressively problem-solving. They have no vested interest in changing the status quo. They aren't willing to make the hard choices -- because someone is going to be angry. They want a nice slide into retirement, meanwhile piling on the debt on the backs of our youth.

Democrat or Republican, this country needs new blood in politics, with the younger generation's perspective.

Anonymous said...

Who's kidding who? If young John is really running against Linda Stender, why are his campaign "volunteers" knocking on doors in Plainfield? And no mention of the fact that he's a Republican on his signs? Give us a break, John and Wilma--and young John, too--and fess up!

Pat Turner Kavanaugh said...

What's with the term "palefaces" in the caption?

Anonymous said...

The slogan "Let's finish the job" is ironic given what the Campbells have done to our public schools and what Christie has done to Plainfield. These are "jobs" that shouldn't be "finished"--like the mess in city hall, they need to be cleaned up!