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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Reader submitted photos of Crescent cop car chase


Getaway car crashes into retaining wall in front of Tudor Arms.

Driver is nabbed in Franklin Avenue driveway.

Getaway car and carjacking victim's vehicle being towed.

A crowd gathers to watch . . .

. . . as a traffic backlog develops.

A Plainfield
Today reader who witnessed the cop chase and nabbing of the robbery suspects on Monday afternoon has sent along some pictures taken on the spot. I would credit them, but the reader wishes to remain anonymous -- many thanks, though!

Mark Spivey writes up the story in today's Courier (see here) concerning an armed robbery (no mention of a bodega, which is what I had been told) near East 6th and Berckman Streets. The two alleged robbers fled but were spotted and followed by a swarm of cops.

While the getaway car sped up Franklin Avenue and crashed into the retaining wall outside the Tudor Arms apartment building at Watchung and East 9th Street, the posse following them split and the cars I saw (see my post here) attempted to cut the perps off on Watchung Avenue.

So, all the activity the tow truck driver and I witnessed was really a sidebar to the real action going on a block further up Watchung Avenue.

A gun and drugs were recovered. Sadly, one of the alleged robbers was a star basketball player at with the PHS Cardinals in 2009.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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