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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Plainfield homeowners' net tax bill increases 26% under Christie

Under Chris Christie, Plainfielders' net property taxes have gone up 26.1%.
Plainfield homeowners' net property tax bill has increased an average of 26.1% under Chris Christie. In a study of statewide property tax changes between 2009 and 2012, that is where Plainfield registers, according to a study looking into Christie's re-election claims against 'Corzine Democrats' (see story here). The reason is that Christie has reduced the homeowners' rebate from an average of $1,020 in 2009 to an estimated average of $248 in 2012. The difference becomes the increase in the net property tax bill.

That amazing fact is one of many you can learn from the maps that are now easy to find on the freshly redesigned website of NJ Spotlight (see here).

NJ Spotlight is a website focused on New Jersey news from a policy perspective and includes among its founders Plainfielders Lee Keough and Tom Johnson.

The new design puts the vast resources in archived news stories, interactive maps and other data at a user's fingertips in an easy-to-use and navigate website design.

Among the other things you can learn about Plainfield from the site's maps are --

  • Middle and elementary school enrollment growth
  • High school SAT scores and spending patterns
  • NJ's veteran population
  • Housing vouchers
  • Daytime population growth (a measure of economic activity)
and much else.

Check out and bookmark this valuable website.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

One, according to the interactive map in the article the data was revised to say that Plainfielders' net tax increase was 22% during the last three years.
Two, please re-read this sentence in the article: "Corzine had eliminated rebates for non-senior homeowners making over $75,000 as part of his FY10 budget plan to deal with plummeting revenues in the wake of the recession..." So even though the tone of the NJSpotlight piece (not to mention your post) chooses to blame the current governor, clearly previous administration is just as responsible for the sharp increase in net prop taxes.
Three, in the same period while under 100% Democratic county and municipal leadership, the increase in actual prop taxes that the average Plainfield household pays has been 11%. How's Christie to blame for that?

Anonymous said...

Please remember it is the Democrats who voted to increase taxes and fees in 10 years. Before 1992, NJ had average property taxes, and was the 4th friendliest state in which to do business.

The Democrats erased all of that when they ruled the Assembly and Governor's house. We now have the highest property taxes in the nation and are the 48th friendliest state in which to do business.

And, most of these congress members will probably move out of state once they retire - to perhaps a state where property taxes and insurance is not so high, and business is booming.

Anonymous said...

Why do homeowners get a rebate in the first place?

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmm...... and we live in a city with practically zero ratables, democratic controlled corruption hot bed and no one willing to stop either.. Yeah, blame Christie.. it's what the hypocrites leading your party keep trying to get the rest of us to believe to..
It is too bad your precious party in Trenton decided to play politics with the Millionaires Tax and not pass it while Corzine was in office and the Dems controlled both houses..but politics was worth it so much more to the Dem's than the people..