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Friday, July 12, 2013

Dunn residence is on the market

'TreeLawn' one of Plainfield's most gracious estates, is on Central Avenue
between the duCret School of Art and 'Questover'.
Former Plainfield Ward 3 councilor Malcolm R. Dunn and his wife, Flora, have put their Central Avenue home on the market recently.

The listing is with Darlene McWilliams of Sleepy Hollow Realtors. McWilliams is the widow of former mayor Al McWilliams and the mother of former At-large councilor Annie McWilliams.

Dunn currently serves as a commissioner of the Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority (PMUA).

The image below is a screenshot of the listing and will print out on letter-size paper if you set the orientation to 'horizontal'. Just click on the image and print.

Screenshot of listing will print on letter-size paper
if set to 'horizontal'. Just click on image to enlarge and print.
One of Plainfield's truly gracious homes, the 16-room house has 6 bedrooms, 3 full baths and 2 half-baths, as well as an in-ground pool with cabaña and many other amenities.

The Dunns named the estate 'Treelawn' and it includes a buildable lot between the house and its neighbor 'Questover'.

Point of clarification: though the listing notes the second lot (Block 744, Lot 3.01) is included, for a combined property of more than two acres, the taxes shown on the listing are for the main lot only.

Taxes for the year 2013 are $16,375.78 on the lot with house and $4,458.25 on the buildable lot, for a total of $20,834.03.

For more information, contact Sleepy Hollow Realtors at (908) 822-0550 or visit their website here.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Please make sure they take Jeff with them.

Dottie Gutenkauf said...

Dan, the listing says it's in the "Van Wyck Brooks" section but to the best of my knowledge it is not part of the historic district.

Just so you know...

Anonymous said...

$200,000 more and there will be enough to pay back the PMUA settlement, a joint effort of the Dunn's and McWilliams'.