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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Whose meeting is it anyway?

You know I just hate not being able to be present when things start happening in Plainfield, as with Mayor Robinson-Briggs' rudeness at Monday's Council meeting, reported by both Bernice and Olddoc.

The twice-monthly meetings of the Council are for the governing body to take up the business of the corporation in an orderly fashion and execute its responsibilities.

The meetings of the Council are just that -- of the Council. The Mayor has no role to play without the express invitation and permission of the Council President.

In her six years in office, Plainfield's voting public has certainly seen Mayor Robinson-Briggs attempt to hijack the direction and tenor of public discussion on any number of items.

When she was Council President, Annie McWilliams was constantly on guard against the pushback by Mayor Robinson-Briggs and deftly foiled most attempts to run meetings off the rails. And one could see the toll it took on McWilliams to have to face the implacable drip-drip-drip of Robinson-Briggs' monomaniacal method.

It is quite clear to observers that Robinson-Briggs is already well into political campaign mode. Folks should pay attention to what she tries to do to sow discord at meetings, who is allied with her, and what else she (or they) propose to do.

It would be nice if the chair simply gavelled her down whenever she gets out of line.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

And what makes it so bad, her supporters will continue to blindly follow the mayor. They do not believe in holding her accountable for any of her divisive actions. They will not recognize her childish antics. Instead they will pout and go to the mike and berate the Council. Example watch the pout of mr. muhammad next time he goes to shake his finger.

Anonymous said...

If it were a member of the public who would interrupt the Council President would have the police remove them. Does he have the guts to do the same with the mayor?

Anonymous said...

Dan, I just wanted to send my belated best wishes to you for a full recovery--Charlie