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Sunday, March 18, 2012

All eyes on PMUA Task Force Monday

Time to put together the PMUA puzzle.
Plainfielders will have their gaze riveted on the scene at Washington School this evening as the City Council's PMUA Task Force makes its report -- finally.

The Committee has worked in great seriousness and secrecy over the past several months. The only whispers I have heard are that some of the data they have been provided will be eye-popping.

The report comes at a sensitive moment, as Gov. Christie's administration is turning its gaze on the local solid waste agency, and the matter of its settlement with former employees Eric Watson and David Ervin has been referred to the State Comptroller's Office. Additionally, moves by new commissioners Malcolm R. Dunn and Cecil Sanders to subvert the arbitration process into which the two parties had entered have roiled public opinion once again over suspected excesses by the agency.

Whether you are with most Plainfielders who are up in arms over the agency's rates or whether you are with the tiny minority of PMUA supporters such as Councilors Reid and Rivers, this is definitely a meeting NOT to miss.

PMUA Task Force Public Report
Tonight - 7:00 PM
Washington Community School
427 Darrow Avenue
(parking available in the Spooner Avenue lot)

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

We know that Rivers and Reid are in it for gain and lining their pockets and their friends pockets with our money. They shouldn't even be in office they are so crooked. I wonder is anyone in their wards even pays attention to what they do.