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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mayor Sharon spikes PHS basketball court

High-heeled shoes are inappropriate and damage the expensive floors.
(This example of misbehavior caught by here).

Closeup of the damage done to a hardwood floor by high-heeled shoes.

Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs, who is known to get huggie-squeezie at the drop of a photo opportunity, was reported by those who were there (I have been laid up) to be seen prancing and dancing on the Plainfield High School basketball court in her high-heeled shoes during the recent playoffs, especially at the end of the game when she would acknowledge team members.

These hardwood courts are notoriously expensive to install and maintain, and there are copious requests over the loudspeakers during games asking attendees to avoid walking on the floors in high-heeled shoes because of the damage they do.

Nevertheless, the Mayor does.

Proving that it isn't just in politics that she is unaware of what inappropriate behavior is.


-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

Our mayor is such a joke and, like Romney, an etch a sketch. She hugs in front of the camera, but belittles her co-workers at city hall. How anyone could be unaware of the damage high heels do to gym floors, or why she would wear heels to a basketball game, is beyond me. She only went for the photo op and that is all. Shame on you Sharon. Didn't you take gym in high school?

Anonymous said...

Very well put. Plainfield doesn't look the way it does because the leadership has taste or class.

Perhaps the next mayor....

Anonymous said...

Dan, what troubles me the most is that you have just gone through a very life altering experience inwhich the GOD you use to serve preserved your very lift yet you mock him twice but not GETTING the LESSON of humbleness and contrition but rather continuing to perpetuate hatred and negativity for the sake of WHAT exactly?

You need to take some time out for REAL introspection and realize that the energy you put out in the universe becomes a part of the very air you breath and thus determines the health your physical, mental and emotional self.

I pray you get it.

Dan said...

@12:11 -- I'm not sure you get my drift...much of what I write is meant to satirize, which may be a gene with which you are not coded.

As for people's spiritual states, you are a bit presumptuous.

Always remember what Queen Elizabeth I said: "we do not make windows into the souls of our subjects".

Walt Hetfield said...

I wish I could say that is the only damage that she has done to the community during her tenure as mayor. That is not the case. It's not one thing, it's everything.

Olive said...


I find this comment troublesome.

I once had a very religious person tell me that if I became right with God, that my birth defect (spina bifida which involves paralysis), would be cured.

They said the only thing keeping me from a cure, was my own disbelief.

I found this an insensitive and crazy thing to say.

Some "good people" are given a lot and have very little trouble in life. Some "good people" are put through the wringer, have the deck stacked against them, have health issues that they did nothing to "earn".

People try to explain why bad things happen -- it's God's will, you did something wrong, etc.

When religious people told me my birth defect was "God's will" -- that made me think f**k God. What did I do as a little baby to deserve this?

The real answer is: nothing.

I've come to the conclusion that "stuff happens". We live in a system where there is cause and effect, random mutations and malformations.

People can "do right" and bad things still happen to you.

People can murder and rape and enjoy the best of health.

I think God's blessings come with doing the best with the situation you've been handed.

Anonymous said...

@12:11 -

I am very happy to know Dan Damon is around to speak of his health situation. He survived!

And I will be just as happy when the Honorrible Sharon RobinSIN-Briggs is around after the next mayoral election to congratulate the next Mayor of Plainfield.

All the best Dan!

Anonymous said...

To 12:11PM - Isn't there something in the good book about not judging and acceptance?