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Monday, March 5, 2012

Briggs lawsuit opening feint in her 2013 mayoral campaign?

Our leader is fond of red...
Just when you thought Plainfield's political theatre of the ridiculous had exhausted itself, Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs managed to blow another breath of stale air into all that was old, tired and superannuated.

As with most things Sharon, it is wise to put her constantly self-reinventing maneuvers into some sort of perspective.

In this case, I think the lawsuit against the Council (covered online alredy by the Courier's Mark Spivey -- see here) is really the opening gambit in her 2013 campaign for an unprecedented third term as mayor.

What may be of interest, though, is what Union County's justices make of the matter (too bad Justice Wertheimer has retired).

While much fun will no doubt be occasioned at the Mayor's behest, it may not work out as well for Robinson-Briggs' pastor and best friend, who is choosing this year to debut on the political circuit.

Assemblyman Jerry Green, who ought to be thinking in terms of his legacy, is likely to be tarnished substantially for having put her on the throne
in the first place as this little maneuver unwinds itself.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

They should do like she did to Chief Santiago and suspend her while the lawsuit is pending as she was uncomfortable working with him while it was pending. Even though it was due to events not involving her.

Suspend the next election.

Bob said...

Sharon is an embarrassment to the city and to herself. The fact that William Reid back her just means he faces a struggle getting re-elected. I would campaign against him running for anything, as he seems to be as shady as Sharon. Plainfield needs to move forward and Sharon and her stooges are keeping us from doing so. Shame on them!

Dottie Gutenkauf said...

Dan, I heard your news last night--I do hope all will be well, you are doing well and living life one day at a time (that's how it comes) and that you will take care of yourself, recover successfully, and carry on.

Joe sends his best--and so do I.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of this woman. She is the most selfish, self centered, self serving person anyone can imagine. She has done nothing for the city but lay off workers while padding the jobs of her friends better known as the Dave's.

She is an idot. All should see and experience her when she is on a tyrate. Even the walls of her inner office cannot contain that racist fowl mouth. Just ask BB!

Anonymous said...

Mobilize the Spanish speaking community, prior to the next election for MAYOR! I believe this is a way to silence Sharon, perhaps the only way.......

Break the strangle hold that this administration has on this city.