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Sunday, March 25, 2012

DOT awards Plainfield grant for road work

Grant will fund final section of Watchung Avenue work.
Plainfield was among 386 communities awarded nearly $80 million in grants to improve local roadways, the state Department of Transportation announced Friday.

The city will receive $209,000 toward the completion of the Phase 4 section of the Watchung Avenue improvement program, part of a long-range plan developed under the administration of Mayor Al McWilliams and approved by the Council in succeeding years.

The final section to be completed is the portion from Woodland Avenue to the Leland Avenue terminus. This will mark the completion of Watchung Avenue work from the North Plainfield line all the way through town.

Meanwhile, South Avenue road improvements are slaed to get under way shortly, beginning with the repaving of Atlantic and Pacific Streets, which were (wisely) added to the project after it was originally drawn up.


-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, what about the section between Hillside and Woodland??

Dan said...

7:30 AM, you may be right. I was trying to recall if it was done all the way to Woodland, and with offices closed over the weekend took a shot at it.

The amount would certainly be more in keeping with the shorter distance between Hillside and Woodland. Will check on Monday.

Michael Townley said...

$209000 is a very small grant; unless they are packaging it with other money, that won't go far.

olddoc said...

A drop in the bucket. Look up the custs allocated to R&V and to the contractors for those stretches of road. T his is a best a feely goody unless we can know what percentage of the job is covered.