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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mayor Robinson-Briggs hardly a true friend of veterans

Honor Guard, Memorial Day, 2005.

Though she has taken great pains recently to portray herself as 'THE' champion of Plainfield's veterans (see, for example, the article in Wednesday's Ledger here), plenty of Plainfield veterans are quite annoyed at her posturing and her failure to deliver on promises made to them for a Veteran's Center.

A center for Plainfield veterans to gather and socialize has been part of their vision ever since an advisory committee of Senior Center members began planning for a new Senior and Veterans Center back in Mayor Al McWilliams' second term.

While a Veterans Center was included in the Monarch condo building which houses the new Senior Center, the development agreement provided that veterans could not use the Veterans Center until all the units were sold (it was to be the sale offices).

Why Robinson-Briggs did not put her foot down and fight for the veterans from the very beginning is anybody's guess, but she did not.

Consequently, it was only recently that a quiet deal was worked out for the veterans to have use of their center -- perhaps because the likelihood all the condos will ever be sold is so low.

But Mayor Robinson-Briggs refuses to give the veterans the keys to the Veterans Center, meaning they must make arrangements through her personally to use the room -- and then wait for a member of her staff to come and open the building, often after the veterans have endured waiting in the cold for long periods.

Respect for our veterans?

I hardly think so.

Honor Guard, Memorial Day, 2000,

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

Once again, this mayor proves she is an uncaring, inconsiderate fool. She invokes patriotism, but the only patriotism she has is to ride in parades and smile falsely. Shame on her to treat our veterans so callously. This joke of a mayor needs to go, so remember this at the next election if she is fool enough to run.

Bob Bolmer

Anonymous said...

I hope the veterans see that the mayor holds no true feelings for any issue/person other than herself. And, she usess people for her own ends.

The veterans of Plainfield deserve much better. They can lay their lives on the line, but cannot be trusted with keys? (and remember, they pay the mayor's salary. She reports to them!)

Quite frankly, it is the mayor who should not have keys to anything.