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Monday, March 26, 2012

Closing of Hub Stine for artificial turf installation disrupts walkers

The Hub Stine athletic complex will be unavailable
to hundreds of daily walkers for four months.

Hundreds of Plainfielders use Hub Stine Field, the school district's athletic complex for their daily walks, which will soon be disrupted when the District installs artificial turf throughout both the football and lower baseball fields.

The proposed work is set to be discussed by Interim Superintendent of Schools Anna Belin Pyles at Tuesday's Board of Ed meeting. I am told the work is planned for completion over the months of April through July.

Arrangements have been made by the District for its teams to practice and play on the fields of the Scotch Plains-Fanwood school district.

This leaves those who regularly walk the measured track at Hub Stine to shift for themselves.

Freeholder Carter is exploring the use of
nearby Cedar Brook Park during the period of closure.

Freehold Linda Carter told me that she is in touch with Union County park officials to see if an accommodation can be made in nearby Cedar Brook Park, where there is ample parking and plenty of open space.

There is a paved and measured walkway around the Cedar Brook Pond and it is possible that just a refreshing of the signage indicating distances covered is all that will be needed, Freeholder Carter said.

Those who are concerned about the subject will want to attend the Board of Ed meeting, at 8:00 PM in Plainfield High School's auditorium.


-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Walt Hetfield said...

Are they out of their f-ing minds???? That is one of the best grass fields in the state. One of the crown jewels of the school system being hocked. I wonder who's relative got the contract?

Anonymous said...

Outstanding they needed to replace the tack I don't mind the temporary inconvenience

Anonymous said...

Dan - how has digging begun but the initial presentation to the community is tonight? It appears that this is a done deal. Has this plan even gone before the planning board?

Bob said...

I'm wondering why the school district is spending so much money on artificial turf, which causes more injuries than grass. Aren't our schools unable to provide all students with books. If that is so, then this is a terrible waste of money. If all students have access to all of the books they need, then this may be OK.

Anonymous said...

With all the attention given to the fiscal waste at PMUA, it seems that the school district budget gets a free pass. I would like to see the cost/benefit analysis on this project, both as it affects the school budget and the players' risk of injury. It is easy to spend money and grab facility boasting rights when 90% of it is paid for by the state, but is it necessary, is it warranted, and is it earned? I guess I am of the old school that likes the exposure to reality that comes with natural turf.

Pat Turner Kavanaugh said...

Dan: I understand the tennis courts will be closed, too. Did you check on that?

Anonymous said...

Dan, glad you are healing and getting better!! The Board of Ed shot down the whole thingat last night's meeting! It's not gonna happen! The Board was not in favor of any renovations whatsoever!