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Monday, October 3, 2011

South Avenue reconstruction begins today

Section of South Avenue to be reconstructed.
Plainfield's long-awaited South Avenue reconstruction project gets under way officially today.

The estimated 75-day project (which the merchants -- and the contractor -- are hoping will be completed in 60 days) is in two parts.

Part the First, beginning today, involved the preparations for the nitty-gritty part. This will include removal of the bumpouts, relocation of several street lamps currently aligned with the bumpouts, repair of some sidewalk portions and other preparations for the road reconstruction.

During this phase, customers of South Avenue businesses will probably not notice much of the activity, and there should be no inconvenience for drivers.

So, though you may begin to see signs posted about the work, there should be no interruptions for South Avenue businesses and their customers.

I will post more on the second phase of the project as the time approaches.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

Can we get the money back we paid some idiot who thought the bump-outs were a good idea on a street with little pedistrian traffic, but major auto and truck traffic?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Bob, but traffic calming devices are needed for the safety of pedestrians trying to cross South Ave to get to the train station.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Bob, that idiot was Annie McWilliams dad, the late mayor.