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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Postal Service sets community meetings on closing Netherwood, Muhlenberg branches

Notices from USPS, dated 10/25/2011, in the Muhlenberg Station lobby.
Community meetings on closing Plainfield's Netherwood and Muhlenberg postal stations are being arranged by Michael Diegnan, operations manager for the United States Postal Service. I learned of the proposed meetings late on Wednesday evening. The possibility of local closures was raised this past summer; you can read my earlier post on the matter here.

The meeting on the Muhlenberg Station closure is set for Monday, November 21 at 5:30 PM at the main post office on Watchung Avenue, according to the notice posted in the lobby of the station.

Muhlenberg is only one proposed closure; Netherwood and North Plainfield are also targeted.

Given the fact that the community meeting on closing the North Plainfield branch was already held last week -- without any fanfare or press -- my guess is that the Netherwood and Muhlenberg meetings will be conducted separately.

A separate notice invites written comments to be submitted between October 25 (the date the notice was evidently posted) to December 26.

I will be visiting the Netherwood Station today and will post an update as more information becomes available.

Meanwhile, ponder what this means for yourself as a postal customer and for the community.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Joan Van Pelt said...

Dan- I regularly use the main post office since my business box is located there. The lines are often out the door and parking is always an issue. Could you post the address for comments for those of us who would like to make them?



Anonymous said...

Like always the people of plainfield will not show up to the meeting to save anything so they will be with out those two station ,we have some sorry not me you do it people, in this city

Phinnegan said...

Here's a facebook event I created for the meeting on Monday - feel free to share it freely!