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Monday, October 3, 2011

School superintendent search under way. Really.

Ad in the Easton Times-Express is identical to the Ledger ad.

Plainfielders who have wondered whether the Board of Ed is searching for a permanent Superintendent can now get some sleep.

The Board of Ed is indeed searching, as was spotted in a display ad in this Sunday's Ledger (see image above).

At any rate, it certainly has been long enough in coming. Some have even slyly suggested that a delay in getting down to the nitty-gritty of SEARCHING allowed for various nitty-gritty moves to reshuffle, promote and protect 'F and F' (friends and family) in advance of a new CSA's (chief school administrator) arrival. Cronyism and nepotism in Plainfield? Naaaah.

Neither of the Board Notes issues lists Superintendent search
as a 'special point of interest'.

It is odd to note that neither of the two issues of the Board Briefs so far put out concern themselves with informing the public on this pressing issue.

The good news: the search is being conducted by the NJ School Boards Association, which is highly reputable and totally familiar with the NJ educational system's requirements and operations.

The less-than-good news: the position is listed as not being available until July 1, 2012, meaning a good match could escape us before possibly being hired.

The strange-but-true news:

  1. the position is posted on, the jobs board of historically Black fraternities and sororities (see here), but was posted 9/25/2011 and already listed as 'Vacancy has expired'; and

  2. though the display ad appeared Ledger's Sunday education pullout, I had no luck finding it on the Ledger website; however, a Google search pulled up the Ledger's sister site, LehighValleyLive (see ad here) -- go figure.
At any rate, let's hope the search proceeds timely, with a batch of really good candidates, from which the Board of Ed selects a winner.

Plainfield taxpayers, Plainfield teachers and Plainfield students deserve a winner.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

I'm glad thie BOE has gotten to the job of searching for a Superintendant. I don't think the public trusts them and they have been allowed to do a lot of shady business because of this. I also hope the BOE is not just looking for a black super, as our past choices have been a mess. I don't think you need an African American here in Plainfield to have a successful school system. If the BOE thinks that is the case, then they open us up to more lawsuits and I'm ready to sue them for wasting so much of our money on these law suites, which could have been avoided.

Anonymous said...

Bob - are you saying the choices are a mess because they are black. It certainly reads that way. May the real Bob please stand up.