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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ALERT: JFK Medical Center Annual Meeting Wednesday

Header of public notice.
TJFK Medical Center's 2011 Annual Meeting is set for tomorrow (Wednesday) from 6 - 8 PM in the Conference Center at 70 James Street, Edison (across the street from the hospital entrance).

The notice on JFK's website can be found here, and the advertisement that was placed is here (PDF). Please note that in the ad they are requesting reservations be made by calling (732) 321-7089. The post on the JFK website makes no mention of reserving seats.

Also, there is a notice that Solaris is changing its corporate name to JFK Health System (see here), including prefixing everything they own with 'JFK', including the Snyder Nursing Schools. I'm reminded of dogs and fire hydrants.

Thanks to Nancy Piwowar of the Restore Muhlenberg Coalition who alerted me.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Dottie Gutenkauf said...

Great thanks to Nancy for alerting all of us. I received an email from her this morning which she sent late last night, and put out an URGENT Muhlenberg Update as quickly as I could. Sent a special copy to you, Dan, so as to make sure you got the news.

I hope Plainfield will have a presence there, even with the late notice--I have no idea when and where JFK advertised it. But frankly I don't see why reservations should be necessary--last year the room wasn't overcrowded.

Dogs and fire hydrants--an apt analogy, Dan!