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Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Facebook page offers Plainfielders way to share news, concerns

This graphic identifies the new Plainfield Facebook page.
Plainfielders have a new way to share news and concerns affecting their community, a Facebook page titled 'Plainfield NJ Community Connect' (see here).

While thousands of Plainfielders are on Facebook, the leading social media website, and there are a number of pages devoted to specific topics (such as Plainfield's cable TV stations, see here) or community groups (such as Netherwood Neighbors, see here; and Plainfield's educational community, see here), there is no single Facebook page dedicated to offering all Plainfielders and Plainfield-oriented organizations a way to get the word out about events, news and concerns for the whole community.

Add to this that there are several email chains devoted to specific Plainfield concerns or neighborhoods (Hillside Area Neighborhood Watch, the newly begun Residents for a Better Plainfield project, and the PRAAR pet- and animal-rescue focused group) and there are plenty of folks with activities and concerns that are of interest to the larger community.

"We are excited to offer this opportunity for Plainfielders using Facebook to have a hub where all sorts of community-related information can be accessed from a single point," said Councilor Adrian Mapp, chairperson of the New Democrats for Plainfield political club.

New Democrats have made the page available as a community service, and I have added it to the CLIPS listings (at the top, above the blogs) -- see here.

Tomorrow, I will cover what those who are not currently Facebook members may do to take advantage of the new service.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure it will be totally spin free, right?

Tina Marie said...

The Library has a facebook page as well.

Dan said...

Thanks Tina Marie, adding to my list!

Anonymous said...

The PMUA also has a facebook page that only cost $6,000 to produce!