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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hidden Plainfield: Neat and Tidy

Apartment complex A.

Apartment complex B.

Apartment complex C.
Though nearly half Plainfield's residents are renters, most homeowners probably don't think much about the kinds of housing provided for renters throughout the city.

While thousands are accommodated in houses built (or converted) to contain up to four apartments, there are a number of large rental developments scattered across the city, some of which are exceptionally well-maintained. These larger entities are inspected by the state rather than local inspectors. Could that have anything to do with the quality of the maintenance?

Today, I am posting pictures of three of the best-maintained large-scale rental complexes in the city. Do you know where they are?

Tomorrow, the answers plus a few selling points for each.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Rob said... could a massive complex bureaucracy like the State of NJ possibly do a better job than a local government ??? Oh, that's right, it's Plainfield, The Can't Do City.

Anonymous said...

FYI the state also inspects other surrounding cities apartment complexes as well. So if you just want to rag on Plainfield as the "Can't Do City", then you can include Scotch Plains, Westfield (Yes, even Westfield) and South Plainfield as well for all fairness.

Show some pride, and respect.

Anonymous said...

To Rob, I know Plainfield is not perfect, but I know you see the potential. I hope you are trying to help turn this city around by being active in politics, and not slamming the city to others.

I read your comments all the time, and love your energy. Here's to your putting that energy toward a great Plainfield!

Jackie said...

1. Leland Gardens
2. ?
3. Norwood?

Alas, even with the nice grounds, I hear a ton of police scanner calls for issues at the first.

Rob said...

Find me the numbers of similar complexes in Scotch Plains, South Plainfield, Westfield and other surrounding cities with the shootings, crime statistics and I'll recant...
Per "bad mouthing" Plainfield...the newspapers and our administration's games do all the PR Plainfield doesn't need.
Seeing Jerry Green garner support from Adrian Mapp...Pretty much threw the idea of helping Plainfield out the window.

Anonymous said...

Leland gardens and meadowbrook village and norwood gardens

Rob said...

Uhhhhhhhh...Anonymous, I appreciate you showing your ignorance of my statement...THE STATE DOES A BETTER JOB THAN THE CITY OF PLAINFIELD DOES WITH IT'S HOUSING COMPLEXES is the point. NOT THAT THE STATE ACTUALLY INSPECTS them.
GO to Westfield, Scotch Plains and South Plainfield and find me city inspected properties that look as bad or have the same prevalent crime data and that's the point.
And Anonymous2...thank you...when Adrian Mapp threw his hat behind Jerry showed it just doesn't matter what you do in Plainfield or would like to do, the same tired wheel keeps grinding away. The Mayor and her Administration have done a spectacular job slamming the city of Plainfield without my help. The only thing I mention to people about Plainfield is... I like my backyard, the library is fantastic,the houses in Sleep Hollow are worth the trip seeing and it's a perfect example of what happens when you vote for only 1 party.