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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Asm Green launches Dems' general election effort on Yom Kippur

Assemblyman Jerry Green, chair of the Plainfield Democratic City Committee, chose Yom Kippur  -- as noted by Dr. Yood on his blog (see here) -- the holiest day of the year to Jews and which began at sundown Friday, for the launch of the fall general election campaign effort.

Only about half of the 68 committee members were on hand for the meeting at the HeardOne complex on Church Street. Among those noticeably absent were First Ward leader Barbara James and the two 'independents' who won election in Ward 2, District 8 in the June election.

After opening remarks, Chairman Green invited Councilor Mapp to speak. Mapp explained the 6-month transitional budget which is to be adopted this month, setting the stage for the City to move to a calendar year like most of the rest of New Jersey's 566 municipalities.

Freeholder candidate Chris Hudak was introduced by Freeholder (and Plainfielder) Linda Carter. While committee members listened to Hudak politely, they really warmed up to the more spirited stump style of Freeholder Angel Estrada who noted that though off-year elections such as this one are typically 'small turnout' elections, 2011's is important as a way of sending a message to Gov. Christie that voters are not happy with his leadership, and as a preparation for next year's Presidential race. Vernell Wright of Union Township, who was not present, is the third Freeholder candidate.

NJ State Democratic Chairman John Wisniewski spoke to the importance of seeing the 2011, 2012 and 2013 elections as interconnected: 2011 having the Legislature at stake, as every seat is up this year and as a preparation for next year; 2012 where New Jersey will be important in the re-election of President Barack Obama; and 2013, when Democrats hope to show Chris Christie the door.

City Council candidates Cory Storch (Ward 2) and Vera Greaves (Wards 1/4 at-large) were given an opportunity to speak.

Storch said that as chair of the Council's Economic Development Committee he wanted to focus on making sure Plainfield was prepared to move ahead on several projects the instant the economic climate improved. But, he added, parking in the central business district is an issue, and implementing the redevelopment agreement for Park-Madison which called for after-hours and weekend use of the parking deck by Plainfield residents is important to successful downtown development.

Greaves advised those present that a FEMA representative would be on hand October 14th at Emerson School to inform residents about FEMA assistance available to those resident who suffered damages on account of this summer's Hurricane Irene.

The only sparks that flew during the evening came when Carol Bicket, committee person for Ward 2/District 5, buttonholed Freeholder Estrada about outstanding items on the Park-Madison redevelopment project (now a decade old), specifically the refurbishment and relocation of the Park Jewelers clock to the Park-Madison office building's plaza and the PILOT payments (estimated at over $2M accrued) which have yet to be made to the City.

Estrada said that the issues needed to be resolved between the Robinson-Briggs administration and the Union County Improvement Authority, and that Mayor Robinson-Briggs needed to move to meet and settle the outstanding issues.

Mayor Robinson-Briggs was not in attendance and therefore attendees were no further enlightened about why the Mayor hasn't made any progress on these issues in six years.

Chairman Green announced that Democratic campaign headquarters (on Watchung Avenue, next door to his Assembly office) would open Saturday and be open for the duration of the campaign season. Opportunities to volunteer were outlined, and it was noted that signs and campaign literature will be available at headquarters. 

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Technically, Estrada is one of DeFilippo's bosses and it is the freeholders' duty to find out why the UCIA is so disfunctional. Of course, no one would DARE question DeFilippo. I won't vote for any of the democrat freeholders.

Anonymous said...

How interesting that the absence of three specific members of the democratic city committee spark such an interest on your blog yet the other 30 members who were also absent just happen to slip your mind . Its obvious you have some sort of personal vendetta against these 3 members .

Rob said...

What did I tell you...One big family party...Storch, Mapp...and virtual "WHO'S WHO" kissing Jerry's ring.
Do the 2 of you still wonder why the Mayor knows all she has to do is wait you out??
Hope you got a photo with Jerry, the both of you. Principles, when thrown away, should fetch you something, even if it is cheap and tawdry as a photo. ( Hope it was in Black and White...Monocromatic usually casts a bit of class to a photo, no how sad it is.

Dan said...

@ 4:37 PM: Not really. I was later told someone thought BJ was the Black Issues Convention (I know she is an officer), so it looks like it's another case of the exquisite timing of the meeting by the Chair.

As for the 2-8 members, why run if you're not going to participate? And if you don't participate, what have your neighbors gotten out of getting you elected to the City Committee?

Anonymous said...

So I suspect if Cory Storch or Adrian Mapp really wanted to honor Yom Kippur..they should not have attended either right?

Dan said...

8:44 PM: Don't be such a silly goose! The offense is in the scheduling, not in who attended.