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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Council: Further funding of WBLS inquiry and more, tonight

Will it be another game of rock-paper-scissors at Plainfield City Council tonight?

Some of the fireworks at last week's
Council agenda-setting session came around the question of allocating more money for the Council's special counsel in the WBLS inquiry.

Councilors Reid, Greaves and Rivers were against any further funding. McWilliams, Mapp, Storch and Williams were for it.

The NOTS (Reid, Greaves and Rivers) hold that the job should be done within the amount originally allocated.

The NOT YETS (McWilliams, Mapp, Storch and Williams) hold that the administration of Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs has obstructed and evaded the inquiry process, causing the Council's attorney to try and chase Robinson-Briggs and her aides down for necessary information.

Enough has come to light in the little window the public got into the matter through Bibi Taylor's disclosures to reveal improprieties -- if not illegalities -- with the Robinson-Briggs administration's manipulation of its own fiscal procedures.

So, paper, scissors or rocks on the WBLS inquiry this evening?

The other matter of interest is Resolution 355-11, involving awarding a contract to provide bidding and construction administration services to upgradethe 9-1-1 center and to BUILD A CLOSED-CIRCUIT TV Command Center AT POLICE HEADQUARTERS.

Has the Robinson-Briggs administration given up on putting the CCTV command center in the basement of Teppers/Horizons as previously stated?

Readers will recall that particular boondoggle as the most expensive sheetrocking every done in Plainfield, still mold-infested as far I last was able to determine.

For these and other matters, you will want to come out tonight, 8:00 PM at the Municipal Court/Council Chambers, East 4th Street and Watchung Avenue.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Rob said...

It will be a stale mate at some point no matter even if they uncovered the Mayor on video stuffing her pockets with taxpayer money.
Why ?? Because you're going to have her and Jerry's blowhard -- Reid, Rivers and Greaves screaming about the injustice being done to the Mayor and wanting to know how much money is being wasted on her stealing money..that's exactly how that would roll. Why ?? Because their morality and ethics come in dribs and drabs from above, his honor, Lord Jerry. If he thinks it can be ignored and swept under the rug in shall it be.
But then again, I mean, it could be worse, the 3 cheerleaders and the Mayor could be Republicans..well then...this whole WBLS thing would be about true theft, not shady and slippery book keeping.