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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Public meeting of Muhlenberg advisory group set for Thursday

Signs from street theater during closure process in 2008.
The Muhlenberg Community Advisory Group (CAG) will hold a public meeting tomorrow evening in the Library at Plainfield City Hall, as was mentioned at a Council meeting last month by Corporation Counsel Dan Williamson. To date I have not found any notice on the City's website nor flyers on the City Hall pickup table, but the meeting is posted on the calendar in the City Clerk's office.

The CAG, which is chaired by Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs, is tasked with monitoring Solaris Health System's compliance with the terms of the agreement with the state which allowed the closing of Murhlenberg Regional Medical Center in 2008.

Among the issues with which it has had to deal have been transportation to needed services for Plainfield residents (both public transportation and emergency services), provision of an additional ambulance for Plainfield, future use(s) of the Muhlenberg campus, and the long-term continuation of emergency services in Plainfield (the agreement to keep the SED open expires in 2013).

Those interested in Plainfield's ongoing healthcare issues will not want to miss this rare opportunity to see the CAG at work.

Community Advisory Group

City Hall Library
Thursday, July 21
6:30 - 7:30 PM

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

Get over it Muhlenburg Hospital is done.
It will not re-open lets start collecting tax revenue for this proerty already

Rebecca Williams said...


I received an email notice from the city administrator's office this past Monday afternoon advising me that the CAG meeting set for tomorrow (7/21) has been cancelled. A future date is supposed to be set.


Dottie Gutenkauf said...

Dan, I got an email early in the week announcing that Thursday's CAG meeting is cancelled and will be rescheduled. Dan Williamson mentioned that possibility towards the end of the recent town meeting, but people may have left before then--it was a very long meeting.