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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Plainfield Habitat's 'Charlie Brown Sale' a huge success

In an email to volunteers and Woodbridge Center Mall management, Greater Plainfield Habitat executive director the Rev. Jeremy Montgomery thanked all who made this past weekend's Charlie Brown's 'rummage sale' a success.

Besieged at the event's opening on Friday by more than a hundred and fifty eagerly waiting shoppers, nearly a quarter of the weekend's sales were made in the first hour. Can you say frenetic?

Montgomery estimates that foot traffic was in excess of two thousand shoppers, who also got a chance to learn about Habitat's mission and opportunities for involvement with the local chapter -- for which 34 new volunteers were enrolled!

Over a thousand items were sold. Many were small items such as glassware, vintage photos, advertising memorabilia and other tchotchkes. But there were also many larger items, including tables and chairs and all of the kitchen equipment.

Montgomery is happy to note that other nonprofits found their way to the sale and were able to take advantage of dirt-cheap prices to augment their own kitchens, including the
VFW of Basking Ridge, the Princeton Elks Club, Woodbridge Township Amublance & Rescue Squad, and the Avenel Knights of Columbus.

As the sale was closing on Sunday, a restauranteur opening a new German restaurant in Rahway walked in and bought the remaining tables, chairs and booths.

Two large ice machines and the beer taps will be sold this week on eBay, looking to push the group's net for the fundraiser toward the $15,000 mark.

Montgomery was effusive in his thanks to the chapter's volunteers, who worked hard at making the event a success; the management of the Woodbridge Center Mall, for partnering with Habitat to extend the life of these goods while at the same time raising funds for a worthwhile nonprofit; and to those who have joined up with the Habitat cause by signing on as new volunteers.

You can follow the local chapter's activities, get further updates on this fundraiser, and find opportunities to volunteer -- all the the group's website at

-- Dan Damon

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